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Fitbit FB102B customer reports


Fitbit FB102B reviewsMake your every workout truly inspiring and motivating. When your regular exercise becomes a chore, the Fitbit FB102B Wireless Activity Tracker is your perfect partner.  This revolutionary gadget can give you an overall snapshot of your daily activity level. Read more about it in this Fitbit FB102B Review.

The package content comes with a USB charging dock / base station, a belt clip and a wrist band holder. The Fitbit is a small plastic device with a rubberized coating, with one button and a built-in blue OLED display. Shaped like a clip, it allows you to easily attach the gadget to your clothing or anywhere near your exercise area.

With the plastic belt clip holder, you can also easily slide it over your belt or waist band without using the holder at all. While the wrist band is used to hold the Fitbit even while you are sleeping to monitor and record your sleep patterns.

Fitbit FB102B Wireless review reveals that using the Fitbit is a breeze. First, you need to charge the device using the packaged USB charging dock / base station. Fitbit tracker needs to be recharged every 3 – 7 days depending on how active you are. The dock comes with a built-in wireless receiver that automatically update your activity data on the web each you come within 15 feet of the dock with your Fitbit tracker.

After charging, you are now ready to install the software application on your PC or Mac and then register the tracker online by going to the Fitbit website. Enter some basic information on the website by indicating your height, weight, age, gender, etc. Once completed with filling those data, you can now slide the Fitbit on your belt and start accumulating steps and activity. No need to calibrate it for your walking stride because the Fitbit tracker contains a motion sensor similar to those found in the Nintendo Wii and can easily sense your motion in various dimensions and converts those data into information about your daily activities such as walking, running, as well your general household / lifestyle activities, so accurate that it is claimed that Fitbit can count your steps with 95-97% accuracy. Isn’t it amazing?

Fitbit FB102B Wireless Activity Tracker Specifics and Features:

–          Comes with USB charging dock / base station, a belt clip and a wrist band holder

–          Small plastic device with a rubberized coating

–          One button and a built-in blue OLED display

–          95-97% accuracy

Fitbit FB102B customer reports says that most of the satisfied customers of the Fitbit Tracker mostly admired the gadget’s wonderful features, like the built-in OLED display that shows them their progress in bright blue easy-to-read text. Pressing the button repeatedly, it will show different information such as how many steps you have accumulated for the day, how many miles you have walked, calories you have burned, it will even show you your overall activity for the day, displaying a flower icon that grows as you are more active.