Flak Jacket XLJ customer reports


Flak Jacket XLJ review

World class athletes and top models are wearing Oakley in order to create innovation after innovation, including invincible optical clarity and the latest product of Oakley which is known as Flak Jacket XLJ is trying to take all these things to the new level of by using the latest technology and attractive features. The Flat Jacket has the capability to maintain the clear and sharp vision under any circumstances and the reason behind this extraordinary feature is that it has a permanent Hydrophobic coating on its lenses that prevents sweat and rain from ramping up on the lenses of Eyewear. This coating also repels different type of contaminates such as skin oil, thus its lens are blur resistant and also extremely easy to keep them neat and clean.

It is quite clear from the Flak Jacket XLJ review that it can also eliminate the static electricity which means dust particles ad dirt would not cling on it. You are able to choose the nose pads that make you feel more comfy.

The two sizes of nose pads come with each and every piece of Flak Jacket XLJ. These nose pieces are made of Unobtainium, just like stem sleeves. They are specially manufactured to increase the grip. It is also featuring the three point fit that enhances the level of comfort and it also holds the lenses in a perfect optical alignment that ultimately gives the optimal clarity.

If you compare Flak Jacket XLJ with its older versions then at first glance you may find the only significant difference among them is speckled shades, but the truth is that this product is representing an entire new generation of the sport Eyewear.

Because of its interchangeable lenses that also resists sweat, skin oil and rain the XLJ is proving to be one of the best products for backpackers and climbers. While according to several Flak Jacket XLJ customer reports some people are saying that its lenses are a lot easier than its older versions, but in fact it is just an affair of getting used to the process or the way of changing lenses. You might take a few minutes if you are changing these lenses for the very first time, just like every new thing need some time to get familiar with it.

The design of the lenses of Flak Jacket XLJ offers better vertical coverage or sweep as compared to the standard designs of Flak Jacket. It is an extremely essential element particularly for those athletes who have larger faces and those who need to watch the placement of their foot more than others. It is a very lightweight product which means its users does not feel any kind of encumber or load on their faces when wearing it.