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Flip-Pal reviewsTo be provided with help in being able to preserve memories that you can find in some of photos of you and your loved ones, you should read the rest of this Flip-Pal review to be provided with insights on what piece of equipment will prove to be useful with such objective. In a nutshell, this product is a mobile scanner that has the primary function of having a convenient and reliable device that will allow you to preserve all photos and any other reminders of the past that would fit in the scanner. The scanner will convert these memories into a digital format that you can keep and treasure so that you will always remember the happy moments that transpired in the past. In addition, because it is converted into a digital format, there is also a possibility of having it uploaded on social networking sites to allow others to see the memories that you treasure the most.


In many of the Flip-Pal customer reports published in the past, it has been given an emphasis that this product is a mobile scanner, and hence, such can be attributed as one of its most significant benefits. By being mobile, it means that it can be carried to different places, depending on where it is used. It enjoys the benefit of being lightweight and compact, which does not only make it easy to carry, but also makes it possible to be used even when there is limited space. Since it is mobile, it is also cordless. You do not have to be hassled with plugging cords from one end to another or be stressed with tangles that are common for devices that are connected with the use of cords. Because it does not also use cords to be connected to a power source, it makes use of batteries to keep functioning. Such is actually beneficial because it does not need to be plugged to a source of power, making it very portable.

The accuracy and quality of this scanner should also be emphasized in this Flip-Pal review. Because of the high resolution capability of the device, it can reproduce copies of the original documents in a manner that is very detailed. If you see at the reproduced copy, you will notice that it is very accurate, and it will be almost impossible for you to tell how different it is from the original.

Some other things that have been commended by its users include the versatility of the scanner which makes it able to function effectively in whatever sizes of original copies. More so, many have also expressed their satisfaction over the fact that it is easy to operate.

If you are still not convinced with all the features that have been identified in this article, you can check out more Flip-Pal customer reports to have more insights on what this device can deliver.