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From lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail reviews

There are number of reviews that have been published for the book from lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. The book has been written in an awesome way and the description of book cannot be given in the single article. The book is really a nice piece of art and it will really be worthy to spend some time reading the book. From lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail reviews show a story of 27 year old girl who need to walk thousand miles to find her once again. It is not always easy to assess your actual life. The character in this book actually works very hard and travel thousands of miles on foot to reassess her life. The whole book is quite interesting to be read and is full of lessons for the readers. It is quite important to realize that the book is written on high class imagination and can be judged according to one’s own thoughts.

Actually the girl in the book just followed the guidebook she had. There was no other source of information for her available like we have nowadays. No internet or such thing was available. In this scenario, the girl decided to follow the only information source that is guide book. She ultimately packed her luggage and got ready for the journey that proved to be the longest journey of her life. The journey was all about reassessment of her life. She packed all the things relying on the information given in her guidebook. The bag she prepared was not less than half of her weight. However, she decided to carry the huge weight with her while going on the journey.

As far as some of the readers realized and extended their reviews, it is a perception that girl did not act well. However, it is not a fact because everyone has to make his own opinion by reading the book. Still it seems that author wants reader to develop a negative thought about the girl who did not ask anyone about her intention. Cheryl who is the character in the girl actually thinks that she is the master mind and nobody is superior to her. However, the fate was not right according to her thoughts. She belongs to low-income family. She actually loved her mother and siblings but still she decided to go for the journey that was proposed by the book.

Most strangers who met the girl were good people but there were some evil too. From lost to found on the pacific crest trail customer reports show that people are highly interested in the story of this book. However, you must make your own decision after checking the book.