As oceans represent a considerable part of the planet we are living on, many scientists have tried to explore its life and the life of its “population.” However, it seems impossible to discover everything beneath the water. We do not know all the things about the continents we live on, so how can we ever identify all the secrets of the oceans?

Nevertheless, there are still some interesting and cool facts about the water that surrounds us that will definitely catch your attention. Check out the following list if you want to find out more.


No swimming

A lot of us want to rest on an ocean’s beach. We always strive to visit it, to feel its immensity, its struggles, its “feelings.” However, when we get there everything we do is to stare at it, enjoy the sun and the sand. We can hardly swim because the water of the ocean is almost every time cold.  

If people who have a holiday near the ocean are not used to swimming in cold water, then they will certainly avoid staying more than 5 minutes in it. For example, the Atlantic Ocean water, on its Portugal side, never reaches more than 19-20 Celsius degrees. Locals think it’s actually warm when it has this temperature.




Believe it or not, oceans are the richest in the world, because there are approximately 20 million tons of gold in the oceans of our planet.

According to statistics, if the gold from the water is found and taken out, every single person in the world would receive circa nine pounds of gold. So, let’s take our backpacks and find the gold in the oceans!



We all know that sea water and ocean water are salty. However, if you think that ocean water is as salty as sea water (in case you have not had a vacation at an ocean’s beach), then we can tell you the opposite.

If you swim in the water of the ocean, you get out, and you can literally put yourself in a salad or something, since you’ll be white and covered in salt. You can even lick your palm and try it; you will be saltier than real salt!

This is pretty amazing and interesting and, of course, healthy. Ocean salt has so many benefits for your health, especially for your skin.


White Shark Café

Even if it seems unimaginable for sharks to actually be “nice” creatures that just go after their natural search for food, they have their own café in the “underworld.”

Scientists have discovered a region to which sharks migrate during winter and spring. This area is situated between Baja California and Hawaii. Sharks usually spend around one hundred days there, in the place called White Shark Café. What happens there – they enjoy food.


Biggest waterfall

If you think that if you saw Niagara Falls or Angel Falls, for example, you saw the biggest and the most amazing waterfalls on our planet, let us disappoint you a little.

The biggest waterfall on Earth is underwater, and it is called Denmark Strait cataract. Being situated between Greenland and Iceland, it is a waterfall with a drop of 11,500 feet. The flow rate is around 2,000 times bigger than the rate of Niagara Falls.



We are so lucky that oceans “accepted” to keep our international connections safe, because, if they hadn’t, how would we have watched Grey’s Anatomy or Friends?

It is even stated that the cables have to have shark-proof layers. So, if your stream suddenly shuts down, it may be that there was a cable that lacked that layer and a shark just bit it. Nothing serious (but, of course, the cables are all properly fixed and protected!).




Do you want to be rich? Take your smartphone, your swimsuit and search for the underwater treasure, because the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says that there are so many unrecovered treasures in the oceans that they may cost approximately $60 billion.

It would be good just to find a treasure while scuba diving, but, unfortunately, the chances are not on our side. We can just dream about it.


Rubber ducks

We bet all of us have played with those rubber ducks in our childhood. The interesting thing is that exactly these innocent toys have helped the scientists and oceanographers to discover the water currents and to understand them properly. In 1992, over 28,000 ducks were unloaded into the Pacific Ocean. The ducks were noticed up until 2000.

So, if you have kids who like to play with rubber ducks while taking a bath, make them feel lucky because they are playing with “heroes.”


One continent

If the Earth ever stops spinning, there would be some huge changes going on. This is mainly because the oceans would move to the poles, a thing that would generate the movement of continents, as well.

There would be a very, very big continent and only two polar oceans. Big parts of continents would disappear, because the ones that would remain would be some parts of the northern US, Canada, Russia, and Europe.


The 6th ocean

Let us just blow your mind right now. There is another ocean on Earth, which is situated under the continent of Asia. It is as big as the Arctic Ocean. However, we do not see it on our maps and do not even learn about it because it is locked up inside rocks.

Besides these, it is clear that there are so many unknown things about the oceans that make life on our planet possible. Let’s hope we will be able to discover more in a few years.