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Garmin Nuvi 1390/1390T reviewsThe rest of this Garmin Nuvi 1390/1390T review will prove to be useful for people who have long been looking for an innovative GPS device, but still have not found the right choice. By the end of this article, you will surely have an idea on what specific model should be purchased. After knowing its various features, as well as how it can prove to be beneficial for its users, you will no longer doubt that this specific model is one that can be taken into account. This full-featured navigator is ultra thin and offers a set of functionalities that will provide you all the help that you will need while on the road.

The free lifetime traffic update is one of the things that have been enjoyed by people who own this device. With this, you no longer have to pay subscription or renewal fees for the service of being able to know the situation on the road. It will allow you the opportunity to know the traffic situation. The best thing is that you need not pay for such service for the whole life of your device.

In addition, many of the Garmin Nuvi 1390/1390T customer reports published in the past also commended the lane assist feature of this device. With this, you will be provided with notification regarding the lane at which you should stay, especially if there is a need to turn ahead. The display is realistic, and you can even see the road signs that will give you an early warning.

Another thing that is commonly lauded by the users of this GPS is its wide screen. Many people were satisfied in using the device because it allows them to see more. It makes it clearer for people to understand the information that is shown on the device, especially the direction that will bring them to their destination.

In addition, this Garmin Nuvi 1390/1390T review will also note some of the optional features that can allow you to use your GPS device more than just for navigation. For instance, you can install the cityXplorer application. This will be very helpful for public transportation all over the city. It will provide you with information on where to walk and catch the bus, among others. Another helpful application would be ecoRoute. With this, it will be possible to calculate the route that will be more efficient in terms of fuel consumption. There is also a Where am I emergency locator. This will give you the exact location at where you are and will also provide you with the information regarding the location of the nearest hospital, police stations, and other. Another good feature is the handless Bluetooth technology, making the device very easy to use.

In sum, the features that were mentioned above have shown how useful this device can prove to be. If you are still having doubts in purchasing this device, you can consult more Garmin Nuvi 1390/1390T customer reports to know how this product can be of help.