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GBC 3230 reviewsWith 3 Punch Heads, the GBC 3230 makes it easy to punch in hole into papers without any jams and problems. Read more about it in this GBC 3230 Review.

GBC 3230 Electric Hole puncher can punch hole in the papers of even up to 24 sheets. It offers adjustable two-hole-legal or three-hole standard punch is compatible for any office. Now, punches come in the broadest range of sizes, shapes, and capacities. It is perfect for desktop, copy centers, offices, and homes. It is a heavy duty product that is light and portable because of its exceptional design.

The GBC 3230 ensures precision, durability, capacity, and ease-of-use. They help you determine which hole punch is right for you. Paper alignment guide ensures perfect punching. It is also made from high quality and durable materials that will surely last for many years.

GBC 3230 Combination Stapler and 3-Hole Punch is ideal for offices who are short on space and need an electric stapler and electric 3-hole punch. The Bates 3230ST is adjustable to punch 2-hole or 3-hole holes.

The product measures 20″ x 12″ x 8.75″ and is available in gray color. It is easy to use as its design offers a simple push-button operation. Extra-large throat accommodates oversized paper and the jam reverse knob easily clears jams. There is also a Chip-view window lets you see when to empty the paper chip tray.

The operation is quiet and versatile making it well-liked by the customers. Its reasonable price is also highly considered enabling any office to invest in something of high worth and value.

GBC 3230 Electric Hole Punch Specifics and Features:

–          Simple push-button operation

–          Punches up to 24 sheets at a time

–          Adjustable to 2-hole or 3-hole standard punch patterns

–          Staple guide ensures aligned stapling

–          Paper alignment guide to ensure perfect punching

–          Extra-large throat to accommodate oversized paper

–          Top of Form

–          GBC 3230ST Electric Hole Punch and Stapler

–          Stapler is compatible for any office

–          3,0000 month duty cycle

–          Shipping Weight: 12.10 lbs.

–          Round punch shape

–          12” deep by 8.8” high by 20” wide

GBC 3230 customer reports say that the customers found this product extremely convenient because of its features such as its punch-hole adjustability. It is also electric and so, it is easy to use and fast. It can drill a hole in 24 papers at a time. It can also accommodate oversized paper in its extra large throat. The precision and durability also adds to the reasons why this puncher is top rated among the other punchers. Precision is achieved through a paper alignment guide. It weighs only 12.1 pounds making it easy to translocate.