What Is the Highest Rated Gas Range from GE


1.GE Cafe CGS990SETSS Gas RangeBenefits

The GE Cafe CGS990SETSS is definitely the best gas range from GE thanks to its five surface burners.

The fifth burner gives you flexibility, and it’s not just for making breakfast foods.

Enjoy self-cleaning in both ovens.

Use the bottom oven for convection cooking.

The upper oven vents out on top and is very flexible.



One of the GE Cafe CGS990SETSS gas range reviews states that the lower oven is positioned awkwardly low to the ground, and people with back problems may find it challenging to use. However, very few people hardly ever utilize it except as an auxiliary oven.


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Benefits Explained

This is certainly the best 5-burner gas range. It features five surface burners that offer flexible cooking options. The two power burners, one Tri-ring burner offering 20,000 BTUs and the other 17,000 BTUs, are able to offer awesome cooking power. None of GE’s competitors is able to deliver something that powerful in a free standing gas range that is not a “pro-cooking” range. The precise simmer burner located behind enables you to keep sauces in the right temperature so as not to dry them out but still retain the flavors you intend for them to have.

2.GE Cafe CGS990SETSS Gas Range

The fifth middle burner, offering about 8,000 BTUs, enables you to cook grilled foods and also to use it for funky-shaped pots. If you own Le Creuset pots, this is definitely the perfect gas range to own as well. The middle burner heats up rather quickly and offers greater flexibility. The range comes with a free griddle plate so you can make eggs, pancakes and grilled food for your kids. The fifth burner lets you keep things warm.


The two self-cleaning ovens are very convenient. Spilled food doesn’t have to be scraped and scrubbed because the ovens can run through a cleaning cycle while allowing you to use the time to do other chores or just relax. The extra-heavy insulation helps the ovens reach high temperatures when the self-cleaning cycle is on. This can contribute to keeping the heat in when doing regular cooking, thus reducing the utilized energy for significant energy savings.

The bottom oven comes with an innovative convection oven mode for baking, roasting and other cooking options. Instead of touchpads, the GE Cafe CGS990SETSS gas range is outfitted with an oven dial for setting the temperature in the upper oven. This offers greater accuracy since you are physically able to control the temperature, eliminating the guesswork. The lower oven, however, has touchpads that allow you to conveniently set the temperature along with the cooking time. The roller racks let you take things out easily.


The upper oven can be used pretty much every day. It offers flexibility and vents out from the top, so the kitchen doesn’t get that warm. The lower oven doesn’t use that much energy and won’t give off as much heat so it doesn’t feel like you’re cooking in a blast furnace.



The GE Cafe CGS990SETSS gas range has been kicking tail since it was released. The five sealed burners are outfitted with continuous cast iron grates and give out an even level of heat. The double ovens offer greater flexibility. The middle oval or bridge burner is perfect for griddle use. The burners are gas and the ovens are electric. The glass touch controls are a modern functionality. The stainless steel finish offers resistance to corrosion while giving a really clean look.


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