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Truly the best gas range from GE, this model delivers professional cooking results with its non-stick griddle and 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner.

The natural gas-powered range offers both convection baking and roasting.

The gas range offers convenient cooking features and enough space.

Cleanup is effortless.

All the controls are located up front, ensuring superb use of all the features.



Two of the GE CGS985SETSS Cafe Gas Range reviews note that the stainless trim tends to scratch easily.


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Benefits Explained

For people who want nothing less than the best gas range, the GE CGS985SETSS Café is the ultimate choice. This model lets you prepare beautifully cooked dishes using even heat that brings out the flavor and aroma in food. Food is perfectly browned when baked and roasted in the convection oven, all without losing the moisture or causing drying out. Making a perfect fit in any modern kitchen, this gas range speeds up the cooking process while making it truly enjoyable. The nonstick griddle stovetop cooking surface lets you prepare bacon, sandwiches and pancakes. The in-oven broiling feature simplifies melting and browning a meal, ensuring a beautiful finish to food before it is taken out of the oven. The five gas range surface BTU burners of heavy-duty cast iron offer the capability to simmer, boil and cook other dishes.

1.GE CGS985SETSS Cafe Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range

Get high-quality roasting and baking results using the baking drawer and convection oven. Food reaches the desired cooking temperature quickly while ensuring even cooking compared to a regular oven that employs radiant heating action. The gas convection oven keeps the cooking temperature constant to enhance the results, delivering easy baking between 140° and 450°.


Manufactured using durable and strong materials, the GE CGS985SETSS Café gas range meets your cooking needs while providing the additional space for preparing more dishes. During oven use, the Clear View window lets you take a peek inside to check the cooking progress, with the aid of the interior oven light to help you see the food. Working quietly and coolly, the GE CGS985SETSS Café gas range is equipped with cast iron grates designed to last a long time. The 5.4-cubic-foot oven has three heavy-duty racks that provide the space necessary to cook food. The control lock keeps curious little fingers from fiddling with the controls. The oven lockout feature has a built-in safety mechanism that prevents the opening of the oven door and use of the oven controls to prevent gas flow when not in use. There is enough room in this gas range to cook an entire meal at a single time.


The automatic self-clean oven handles spills and messes without requiring scrubbing. The non-stick griddle provides a stable, non-stick surface where you can warm and cook all types of food. Just clean the stovetop with soap and water and you’re done. The continuous grates simplify cleaning, as well.


The controls are all mounted on the front so you can have easy access to the full array of features of this gas range. The TrueTemp™ System ensures efficient temperature management during use. The bright LED display shows you the progress of the cooking, including the cooking time.



The GE CGS985SETSS Café gas range makes a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. It has heavy-duty cooking grates, fast-cooking burners and an efficient oven that offers a large capacity. Together with the five burners and the oven space, you can cook an entire meal in less time and with less effort than you would using fewer burners and a smaller regular oven.


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