General Electric GFSS6KKYSS 36 25.9 cu. Ft. French door refrigerator reviews


GE GFSS6KKYSS 36 customer reports


GE GFSS6KKYSS 36 reviewsThis French style freestanding refrigerator from GE has received excellent ratings from the reviewers and customers all around the world. The new GFSS6KKYSS is proving to be one for all kinds of a refrigerator for the home. The stainless steel design and the stainless steel handle are by far the most attracting things about this refrigerator. It has to be mentioned though that the cooling efficiency is a slightly below max but it is above many of the other refrigerators available in the market.

The 3 door medium sized refrigerator is doing well in the market and GE GFSS6KKYSS 36 review have suggested that the midsized refrigerator is one of the prime products in the segment this year. Designed with a modern appeal in mind, the refrigerator is convenient to open and store the food. The volume and the space design have also been kept efficiently. This fridge is a appliance that can become a jewel in the crown of a modern kitchen. GE GFSS6KKYSS 36 customer reports suggest that the fridge is also an energy star compatible and saves a lot of energy compared to the previous generation refrigerators of the same size. Now this is definitely very good news for the consumers.


The BrightSpace and the Humidity control are also the improved features in the GFSS6KKYSS and have been performing great according to the user reviews. The Spill proof glass shelf and multi-flow system have made it easier to store fruits, vegetables and liquids at the convenience of the consumers. The cooling type in the refrigerator has been kept as dynamic cooling which senses the temperature, humidity and other physical parameters and adjusts the flow automatically.

On the positive side of the GE GFSS6KKYSS 36 review stand its great features and dimensions. Any fridge that is as efficient and easy to use this one will get 4 out 5 stars in terms of customer satisfaction. The GE is known for producing quality consumer electronics for the people over the decades and this refrigerator too, is performing well under the conditions. Here are a quick snapshot of technical specifications:

Power Ratings

  • Energy Consumption : 552 kW per year
  • Voltage ratings : The fridge operates at 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Current ratings : 15 A
  • Shelves: Qty3
  •  Drawers: Qty2
  • Interior Illumination: yes
  • Freezer Compartments : Qty6
  • Dimensions and Weight specifications:

Width:  35.7 inches

Depth: 35.6 inches

Height: 70 inches

Weight: 308 lbs

The refrigerator also comes with a 1 year manufacturers’ warranty which makes the choice all the more obvious to consumers looking to buy an excellent functionality refrigerator that’s fits the budget well and suits most of the needs of the household.