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GE JP328BKBB reviewsEnjoy cooking with the GE JP328BKBB. This electric cook top conveniently satisfies the need of powerful cooking and easy cleaning. It features four plug-in calrod heating elements, removable drip bowls, lift-up cook top, and upfront controls. In just a matter of one glance, you are sure that GE JP328BKBB can provide you nothing less than an amazing cooking experience. So if you are looking to replace your old electric cook top, or a first timer to try this kind of device, then you came into the right place. With this GE JP328BKBB review article, we will look deeper into its features and functions to help you decide whether this particular electric cook top fits your kitchen and suits your lifestyle. The GE JP328BKBB 30 has four (two 8 inches and two 6 inches) plug-in calrod heating elements, which provides even and consistent heat over the cook top. With this, you won’t have to worry having your food over or under cooked. Furthermore, as it is plug-ins, maintenance of the calrod heating elements are very easy. You can just remove it for cleaning, and put it back once you are done.

The GE JP328BKBB also features removable drip bowls. These bowls catch and contain the minor spills, which help minimizing the mess over the electric cook top. And since they are also removable, cleaning it is definitely hassle-free. Furthermore, cleaning the messes and spills under this particular electric cook top is a breeze as you can easily lift it up with a support rod. By this, you can be sure that you get rid of all spills and stains, even those that are in the hard to reach areas.

Using the GE JP328BKBB also proves to be trouble-free, Anyone can easily operate this machine. The on button has an indicator light that tilluminates whenever the cook top is in use. Added to that, the controls are placed within easy reach and are positioned in the centre.

All in all, many GE JP328BKBB customer reports have attested to power of this electric cook top. Most users are very satisfied with the GE JP328BKBB. Its construction looks solid enough to last any one a long time. It also has a good and sleek design, which will probably suit most kitchens. Furthermore, the customers loved the fact that this electric cook top is very easy to clean and maintain. Unlike many other cook tops, cleaning hard to reach places have become accessible for them as it can be lifted. With all these, it is not unbelievable that many have recommended the product. There are no real big issues that make it a bad product to investment on. So if you are looking to get yourself one of those electric cook tops, definitely the GE JP328BKBB is worth checking out.