What Is the Best French Door Refrigerator from GE


1. GE Profile PFE28RSHSSBenefits

This is easily the best French door refrigerator from General Electric thanks to its many convenient features.

The French door refrigerator lets you save on utility costs.

The appliance enables you to personalize it for your exclusive use.

The refrigerator keeps food fresh at the right temperature.

Seeing all the contents stored inside is always easy.



One of the GE Profile PFE28RSHSS French door refrigerator reviews says the appliance runs a little loud than older refrigerator models.


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Benefits Explained

  • As the best stainless steel refrigerator, the GE Profile PFE28RSHSS demonstrates why GE is a leader in refrigerator design and style without compromising on advanced cooling technology. The refrigerator features a streamlined stainless steel dispenser with a pullout tray, which enables it to fill tall containers easily. The Hands-free Precise Fill and Hands-free Auto-fill allow you to walk away and multitask while the dispenser fills any container automatically with filtered water. Both compartments have dual icemakers, which supply you with more ice whenever needed. Located in the door is the filter, a design that opens up more space in the fresh food sections while enabling easy replacement. Thanks to the exclusive filtration system from GE, trace chemicals are removed from the ice and water.

2. GE Profile PFE28RSHSS

  • To help you enjoy year-round money and energy savings, the refrigerator is designed to be Energy Star qualified, signifying that it meets or exceeds established guidelines on energy efficiency.


  • As a nifty feature, the GE Profile PFE28RSHSS is equipped with an external color LCD screen with photo upload that lets you add a personal touch. This component lets you upload photos to the color LCD display from your flash drive. The touch screen controls enable you to set and manage cooling temperature easily.


  • The GE Profile PFE28RSHSS is engineered with an advanced Temperature Management system that integrates TwinChill evaporators to ensure separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections. This helps maintain temperature and humidity levels at all times to keep foods fresh. The Humidity-controlled crispers ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The extra-deep crisper bins are equipped with selectable humidity levels. The refrigerator has a total of six Fresh Food Door Bins. Three of those are adjustable with Gallon Storage to accommodate large items. Additional interior space is available thanks to the 18.5 cu. ft. fresh food capacity. More storage space is provided thanks to the 9.2 cu. ft. freezer capacity. Organize the stored contents the way you want using the three storage baskets in the freezer.


  • The showcase LED lighting is positioned throughout the interior as well as under the fresh food doors so items are conveniently spotlighted inside the freezer and refrigerator. This enables you to view the contents more easily so you can pick out what you need easily.



The GE Profile PFE28RSHSS fuses style and function in one sleek appliance. It has stainless steel doors with hidden hinges, which ensures a neat, clean look. The full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer is equipped with five accurate settings so food is kept fresh at optimal temperatures. The refrigerator has two fresh food doors in addition to a single bottom mount freezer drawer, ensuring enough space for storage. A Quick Space shelf provides flexibility to accommodate tall items.


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