Most Reliable Pocket Multi-Tool


1. Gerber 01471Benefits

The Gerber 01471 butterfly opening multi-plier reviews state that this tool is designed to be safe and easy to use.

Considered the best pocket multi-tool from Gerber it includes pliers and 11 other useful accessories.

You will appreciate the durable construction that is also designed to look great.

It is affordably priced and includes a convenient storage sheath, along with a lifetime product warranty.



Some consumers have mentioned that some of the tools can be difficult to extend, but this issue can easily be resolved simply by wiping a bit of oil across it.


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Benefits Explained

  • Not only do you have easy access to an assortment of tools designed for almost any application, you also have the advantage of its innovative safety system. To prevent the additional components from dropping down this multi-plier featuresĀ a convenient locking mechanism. It is designed to be easy to use, and simply slides open when you need access to another tool. The locking system will also help prevent curious toddlers from gaining access to any sharp tools.

2. Gerber 01471

  • Along with the needle nose pliers you also have easy access to 11 other tools that will ensure you are prepared in almost any situation. There are two blades designed for different types of cutting, along with 3 screwdrivers and a pair of wire cutters. It also includes a small saw and a pair of scissors, along with an awl and tiny saw. You never know when the lanyard ring might come in handy, and with the attached can and bottle opens you will never have to worry about being hungry or thirsty at the campsite again.


  • This multi-purpose tool features a durable and lightweight design. It is constructed from stainless steel and resistant to rust and corrosion. The lightweight aluminum handle fits comfortably in your hand, and features a well balanced open design that is easy to use. Weighing only 9.6 oz and measuring 4 inches when closed, these multi-pliers are easy to pack with the rest of your gear.


  • You will appreciate the affordable price, along with the included lifetime warranty. Designed to help you quickly and efficiently complete a variety of tasks, there is very little you can’t accomplish with this convenient and functional tool. As an added bonus these multi-pliers also include a stylish sheath. Constructed from durable nylon the sheath will help protect the tool, along with making it easier and safer to carry.



If you need the best multi-tool with a sheath this might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a sleek and lightweight design that is also extremely durable, and you will love how easy it is to flip open and securely close. The balanced handle fits comfortably in your hand, and you will also appreciate the included safety features. It is designed to be easy and convenient to carry, especially with the included sheath. Manufactured by Gerber and with an included lifetime warranty this might be the only pair of multi-pliers you will ever need.


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