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Giro Slingshot reviewsThe Giro Slingshot/Chico Children’s Combo Pack now includes the highly protective Giro Slingshot plus in-mold snowboard helmet, equipped with the In Fit Fit System. But that is not all, the package also comes with matching pair of goggles—a great way to save and give your money’s worth. Read about its features in this Giro Slingshot Review.

This Giro Slingshot helmet is your perfect protection for the head. Building up on its successful biking helmet technology, the In-mold technology is taken to new heights, and now is magnificent for skiing and snowboarding. The Giro slingshot helmet is made from a durable polycarbonate hard shell, merged together using the premier quality, using the in-mold EPS foam liner and guaranteed to be a highly impact-absorbing gear for your child. Also, the Giro helmet is perfectly washable, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience for your child.It also features a four wire mesh-covered vents which keeps the head really protected and well-ventilated, giving additional pleasant experience while on the move. The air vents keep the air to freely circulate in the hair and head area.

Its In-Form FitSystem allows for added comfort in helmet adjustment. Now you won’t hear your child saying that the helmet is too big or too small. With the In-Form FitSystem, the helmet’s outrigger arm attached firmly to the front of the Giro Slingshot in the temple area, running back into a three-pointed pad that snuggly hugs your child’s nape. The upper point is attached firmly into the helmet, while the two lateral points receive the front outriggers. An adjustment wheel in the center of the catch pad allows for easily dialing in to exactly fit of the Giro Slingshot helmet. Also, earmuffs are sewn with a plush fleece to keep ears safe and warm.

The Giro goggle is made from a highly durable rubber rear retainer that it easy to take off or take on. This wonderful goggle allows for an exact hug in the back of your head, relieving the eyes of pressure and protection from dust and other foreign objects which are hurtful to the eyes.

Giro Slingshot Child Snow Helmet/Chico Child Goggles Combo Specifics and Features:

–          Giro slingshot helmet—made from a durable polycarbonate hard shell

–          Perfectly washable Helmet

–          In-mold technology

–          Giro Goggle—made from highly durable rubber rear retainer

–          In-Form FitSystem

–          Outrigger arm which is attached firmly to the front

–          Earmuffs

–          Three-pointed pad

–          Great value

Whether skiboarding or snowboarding, this combo is useful as well as great to use. Giro Slingshot customer reports that both the Giro Slingshot helmet and goggle are comfortable to wear—neither too tight nor too loose.