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Gone Girl: A novel reviews

This novel is an ingenious thriller with a lot of dark secrets which make the reading worthwhile, its amazing twists and turns are bound to consume your time and surprise you unexpectedly. This Gone Girl: A novel review provides the insights to the novel without ruining the surprise. The novels concerns with a wife who is missing named Amy and a husband whose name is Nick ho is a phony or at times can be a total psychopath. This novel is a novel that will make the writer Gillian Flynn a star and earn her a good name.

The writer, Flynn was a TV critic and worked at the magazine as well, then she shifted her interests to writing full tie and the result is astonishing, with this novel. The Gone Girl: A novel is written from alternating points of view, as the lead Amy kept journals that she used to write before being disappeared. In those journals she wrote about her relationship with her husband. In the journal she wrote of the lovestuck flirting she had with Nick in Manhattan and then a giddy marriage in Brooklyn. After the marriage Nick gets downsized from the magazine in which he works as a writer and insists to move back to his hometown in Missouri. While pretending to take care of the terminally ill mother with the help of his sisters, but actually spends more time tending after his terminally ill ego.

This Gone Girl: A novel review has a few insights to the other chapters in the book, Nick comes home one day looking for his wife Amy and finds her blood on the floor. He does not narrate as he is sympathetic instead he lies and whines frequently, but he does have some moments of honesty in which he says” I have a face you want to punch”. The novelist writes from the prospective of two different people who is actually very hard and many novelists fail to achieve.

The novel’s first half is very similar to the Nancy Grace culture saying that “The husband did it”. However the second half of the book is simply stunner. There are certain shockers that will leave you baffled and you will shocks that you thought did not exist. The Gone Girl: A novel customer reports shows that it is a twisted and wild tale of the strange and tenuous power relations that exists between men and women.

It also talks of the undeniable forces that act between the husband and wife. The husband Nick is a twisted villain who is very different from the other villains and has an evil that people love to read about. However this character is the one that may leave the people falling in love with him.