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GoPro HD Hero2 customer reports


GoPro HD Hero2 Camera reviewsIntroducing, the GoPro HD Hero2, improved in optics, a few new video- and still-photo-shooting modes, and backward compatibility with current HD Hero accessories than the HD Hero1. More importantly, its interface has been overhauled and is now much easier to view and understand. Read more about the camera in the GoPro HD Hero2 review.

The GoPro HD Hero2 is the best GoPro camera. It can take phenomenal wide-angle video and is incredibly durable due to its polycarbonate shell. It may be hard for beginners to use at first but when you get the settings right, it is relatively easy to use.

Based on the exterior, it reveals little change from the HD Hero1—both units are dimensionally identical and feature the same lens, power button, shutter button, and LCD screen placement.

The Hero2 features a new glass lens that is sharper and more durable than the old lens. The Hero2 also features four one red recording indicator LED. There are also the connections for the proprietary video output, the Mini-USB port for charging, a 2.5mm microphone input, full-size SD card slot, a new HDMI video output, and onboard microphones (located on the top and bottom edges of the unit).
This camera is powered by a user-replaceable 1,100mAh lithium ion battery. The GoPro system can be upgraded with longer battery life, an LCD display, or the ability to capture 3D video thanks to its BacPac system. Video can be captured at one of three fields of view: wide, medium, or narrow.

The Hero2 has trigger modes to choose from: single shot mode, self-time mode, time-lapse mode.

Users are given the choice between two easily swappable doors that ship with the HD Hero2.There’s the sealed waterproof door available for purchase to keeps the camera dry, even when submerged to a depth of 197 feet. The second door is a “skeleton door” with openings that sacrifice waterproofing for increased sound quality.

The HD Hero2 is available in different editions. The Motorsports Edition ships with a suction cup mount on an articulated arm and five adhesive mounts. The Surf Edition packs a pair of surfboard mounts and a special “Floaty” back door that will keep your camera from sinking to the bottom of the ocean in the event of a detachment. Finally, the Outdoor Edition includes a helmet strap, a head strap, and a selection of adhesive mounts. Additionally, additional mounts for handlebars, roll bars, chest straps, etc. are available from the manufacturer for additional cost.

HD Hero2 features a wide range of video and photo modes to choose from. The HD Hero2’s highest recording resolution is 1,920×1,080 pixels, full HD video at 30 fps with a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio.
GoPro HD Hero2 Camera Characteristics and Features

  • 30 fps
  • highest recording resolution is 1,920×1,080 pixels (1080p)
  • Available Editions: Motorsports Edition, Surf Edition, Outdoor Edition
  • three fields of view: wide, medium, or narrow
  • trigger modes: single shot mode, self-time mode, time-lapse mode
  • user-replaceable 1,100mAh lithium ion battery
  • longer battery life
  • LCD display
  • connections for the proprietary video output
  • Mini-USB port for charging
  • 2.5mm microphone input
  • full-size SD card slot
  • new HDMI video output
  • onboard microphones
  • ContourRoam
  • ContourGPS

According to the GoPro HD Hero2 customer reports, the GoPro HD Hero2 takes the heart of the users with its high image quality, durability, easy-to-use interface, lens, modes, and option.