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GoPro Motorsports reviewsThe new GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports may just be your next camera! Its features are impressive making it popular among experts and enthusiasts. Read this GoPro Motorsports review to learn more about its features.
In a nutshell, the GoPro HD Hero2 has improved optics, some new video and still photo shooting modes and backward compatibility with current HD Hero accessories. What’s good about it is that its interface has been overhauled making it much easier to view and understand. However, the Hero2’s interface may still be confusing for some. Nonetheless, it is easily the best GoPro camera today along with the ruggedness, quality and new user-friendly interface that it features.
There are GoPro Motorsports customer reports for the previous model which complain that it is not that easy to operate. This has definitely been worked on with the new model as it has an improved interface.

If you put it side by side with the original HD Hero, you will notice that not much has changed when it comes to the design. In fact, both units are similar in terms of the dimensions, lens, power button, shutter button and LCD screen placement. This is good as accessories such as waterproof cases or lens covers for HD Hero1 can still be used on the HD Hero2. The models also feature the same rear hook and connection port for GoPro’s line of removable BacPacs.
What are other improvements on the GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports? It features a new glass lens is not only sharper but also more durable than the old lens. Also, it features four indicator LEDs (one enlarged indicator is in front of the unit and the smaller lights are on the top, back and bottom edges) whereas the HD Hero1 only has one red recording indicator. When you view the camera from the front, on the right edge are the connections for the propriety video output, the mini-USB port for charging and a 2.5 mm microphone output. On the left edge, you can find the full-size SD card slot as well as a new HDMI video output. Its onboard microphones are now on the top and bottom edges of the camera. The rear panel is where you will find the battery door that covers the lithium ion battery which can be replaced by the user.
The GoPro HD Hero2 is definitely a great camera to have whether you are an expert or simply taking up photography as a hobby. If you are keen on getting the new GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports camera, you may want to check out online retail stores to find a good deal for it. You can have the product shipped to your home to make it more convenient for you.