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GP Percussion GP50MPK reviewsIf you think that drums are just for boys, then you’re wrong. Nowadays, drums are beginning to become a big hit to girls as well and many teenagers are into it. So, specialized drums sets are designed and manufactured for the purpose. Among those drum sets, GP Percussion GP50MPK Complete Junior Drum Set is the crème of the crop. Read more about this in this GP Percussion GP50MPK review.

This drum set is here for the girls who have the same passion as the professionals and the boys. This 3/4 size drum set is available in pink color, the color that is well liked by girls. It is a complete set of drums and it is composed of snare/tom, bass drum, snare, cymbal, and hi-hat cymbal. It also comes with drums sticks and stool. Its pedals are adjustable to fit the user’s preference. This drum set requires assembly and it can be done easily because there are instructions Included and no additional tools are necessary. The whole set weighs 34 Pounds.

The bass drum is black and has a ported drum head. It is also measuring 16 inches by 11 inches and this bass drum is 6-lug. The tom-tom is 5-lug and has a holder. It measures 10 inches by 6 inches. This drum set also includes a 10 inches by 5 inches 5-Lug snare that already comes with a stand. Moreover, this set also has a 10 inches cymbal that also comes with holder, and a junior Hi-Hat Cymbal with a stand. Other items included in the set are bass drum pedal, junior drummer’s throne, drum key, and drum sticks.

The drum set is also made from high quality materials that ensure that it will last for a long time. The drums are sure to sound good because of the great choice of materials.

GP Percussion GP50MPK Complete Junior Drum Set Specifics and Features:

–          Black, ported drum head on 16 IN x 11 IN, 6-Lug, Bass Drum

–          10 IN x 6 IN, 5-Lug Tom-Tom with Holder

–          10 IN x 5 IN, 5-Lug, snare with stand

–          10 IN Cymbal with Holder

–          Junior Hi-Hat Cymbal with stand

–          Bass Drum Pedal

–          Junior Drummer’s Throne

–          Drum Key

–          Drum Sticks.

–          Assembly Required

–          Instructions Included

–          No additional tools necessary

–          Overall Size: 36 IN L x 36 IN W x 36 IN H

–          Weight: 34 Pounds.

In the GP Percussion GP50MPK Complete Junior Drum Set customer reports, a customer highly praised this drum set because his daughter has been enjoying learning how to play the drums. The pink color of the drum set indicates that this drum set is designed for girls.