Graco Quattro Tour Duo reviews


Graco Quattro Tour Duo customer reports


Graco Quattro Tour Duo reviews

Graco is a brand known for its quality baby strollers. If you are a new or expecting mom, you should consider getting a Graco for your newborn. If you have twins, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo may be ideal for you and your babies. Read this Graco Quattro Tour Duo review to learn more about the features of this baby stroller. According to Graco Quattro Tour Duo customer reports, it is one of the top-rated tandem strollers in the market today. Tandem strollers mean that one seat is situated in front of the other. There is plenty of room in each seat even for two toddlers or a toddler and an infant. Professional and user reviews say what sets the Graco Quattro Tour Duo apart from other tandem strollers is that its seats are flexible and infant-ready. The seats can also be used with car seats and can be reclined fully for newborns or toddlers. The rear seat also sits a bit higher than the front seat to provide better visibility.

Graco’s new tandem stroller is popular among parents because of its many features such as a second cup holder for the parent and a drop-down bottom basket. It also has a lot of storage space which moms will find useful as they tend to carry a lot of baby items with them when they’re out with the babies. It is also easy to maneuver. In fact, many parents say it is as easy as moving around a single stroller and they can do so even with one hand.

What parents complain about though is its weight. It is about 10 pounds heavier than other tandem strollers. However, its strong built makes up for the weight. In fact, a lot of parents use it to walk their babies over quite a long distance. It might be difficult to get through gravel areas but nonetheless, it is still manageable. Graco Quattro Tour Duo is slightly bigger than its counterparts. This is a factor that you should consider before purchasing it. Will you have enough room in your car for it and how easy will it be for you to move it around? But if you are particularly looking for one that is spacious so your babies don’t feel restricted, experts and consumers would most probably recommend the Graco tandem stroller.

If you are decided on getting a Graco Quattro Tour Duo for your babies or toddlers, you may want to purchase it online. There are different online stores that offer good deals for it. Buying it online will also be more convenient for you as the product will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee.