Graco Pack 'n Play TotBloc play yard reviews


Graco TotBloc customer reports


Graco Pack 'n Play TotBloc play yard reviewsLet you child play outside or inside the house while keeping them safe inside a box of fun. Let them play in Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc. Read on this Graco TotBloc Review.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc is a basic playpen with four mesh sides and a bottom. Filled with bright colors, the Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc is meant to keep your infant entertained as well as protected from falling or being stepped upon. It also gives you security that your child won’t go and crawl to dirty places or to dangerous places like stairs.

This particular style of the TotBloc comes in three different patterns and offers one added bonus—a toy on each side that rattles crinkles or squeaks. Though the child may be afraid of the toys at first, they would get used to it.

This TotBloc has a Bugs Quilt version but some parents think of this as distraction to the baby especailly at naptimes. There are two other styles available if you don’t want the bugs quilt style. These are punch red and sorbet. These 2 styles don’t have toys on the sides,
The Graco TotBloc offers 10 square feet of play space but it takes up a lot of room in the home. The TotBloc is easy to set up and take down so it’s not a huge burden to put it away when not in use. It also makes relocation easier. Meaning, if you want your child to play during mornings on the yard, then relocating the TotBloc is easy and fast.

Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc Characteristics and Features:

  • basic playpen with four mesh sides and a bottom
  • comes in three different patterns: Bugs Quilt, red and sorbet
  • offers one added bonus: toy on each side (rattles and creaks)
  • Ten square feet of play space
  • Bright, fun colors
  • Two other styles available without toys
  • Easy to set up and tear down
  • 10 square feet of play space

According to the Graco TotBloc customer reports, the parents were glad that their children can play outside without sacrificing their security. Putting your child outside during early morning is important to your child’s health. The TotBloc is also useful inside the home since you don’t want your baby to crawl off somewhere unsafe like stairs or kitchen. Since the TotBloc is available in bright and fun colors, the baby will get distracted and stay entertained inside the playpen. “I don’t have to worry about baby, she’s happy inside the playpen—as well as safe.” Parents are happy to have this playpen since it also provides their baby a large play space.