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Greenworks 21132A reviewsIs your lawn in need of trimming? Do it at home with the new Greenworks 21132A. Its features are sure to make mowing easier for you in keeping your lawn in good condition. Read this Greenworks 21132A review to learn more about its features.

The Greenworks 21132A is a powerful machine that can cut anything from tall grass to weeks. It uses 40 Volt Lithium Ion Battery allowing it to do a reliable job. The battery and charger are not included in the package and should be ordered separately. It also has an Auto Line Advancement System which instantly replenishes worn line as necessary.

Greenworks 21132A is the first cordless handheld trimmer with gas-comparable performance. This makes it convenient to use as you won’t have to worry about cords that you might trip over. It is able to maintain consistent power throughout the entire trimming cycle. It also runs at full power until it runs out of battery. This means you can use it continuously for up to 70 minutes.

Many Greenworks 21132A customer reports like its easy to use features. Its One Button Rotate to Edge allows you to easily convert to edging. It also has Variable Speed Switch so you can go from normal to max depending on your needs. You can also prevent accidental start-ups with its lock-off switch. Using the trimmer is also comfortable as it has cushion and over-mold handle. You can easily rotate the trimmer head and find the angle that best suits you.

The lower handle can also be repositioned to suit people who are taller. Along with the larger trimming shield, these can help keep stuff from hitting you while trimming. The grip is also good and it is easy and comfortable to hold.

Compared to other trimmers, the Greenworks 21132A is slightly heavier. Its lithium-ion battery is what adds the most weight to it. However, it won’t make a difference as it balances much better. There are consumers who might think twice about it as the package does not include two batteries. Its single battery though is equivalent to two so you won’t be running out of power before the trimming work is complete. It is also an advantage that the trimmer’s battery has an indicator so you will know if it is full or empty.

It is definitely a great item to have at home. If you are interested in buying it, check out online retail stores as you might get a good deal for it. Many online stores will go on sale so you might get it at a lower price. It will also be more convenient for you as the item will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee.