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Haan SI-35 reviewsCleaning the house is not that easy especially if you’re using just a normal mop especially if it requires changing of water so very often. Also, cleaning your with a normal mop spreads disease-carrying bacteria all over your house and so, Haan SI-35 Slim & Light Sanitizing Steam Mop is what you need. Read more about this Haan SI-35 Review.

Haan SI-35 is a sanitizing steam mop that ensures that you won’t spread disease-carrying bacteria all over you house floor. It is highly recommended for those who has an infant at home; after all, you don’t want them crawling about on the floor that is full of bacteria. This steam mop is designed to combine sanitization with cleaning.

The Haan SI-35 Slim & Light Sanitizing Steam Mop uses 15 steam jets to produce a fine steam that is hot enough to kill dust mites and bacteria in just one second. The mop is able to heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit in half a minute, and its 13.5-ounce water tank enables the user to clean for 20 to 25 minutes before refilling.

Also, once the power is switched on, the Haan SI-35 produces steam continuously without the need to pump the handle or pull a trigger. Unlike its previous models which use a boiler tank method for heating the water, the Haan SI-35 pumps the water through a heating element. This allows for a removable water tank that can be filled at the sink. This is a wonderful feature that enables the user not to bring a bucket of water when mopping the floor.

The Haan SI-35 is lightweight and easy to carry and use. It weighs less than 5 pounds when filled, but with its low-profile mop head, the Haan SI-35 is able to reach places the previous models cannot. Haan SI-35 steam mop also has a 19.5-foot power cord.

If you also wish to wash and clean the carpeted floor, a carpet glider can be included in the package for an additional price.

Haan SI-35 Slim & Light Sanitizing Steam Mop Specifics and Features:

–          Heats in 30 seconds

–          15 steam jets; sanitizes quickly

–          Low-profile head

–          Continuous steam

–          Removable water tank

–          13.5-ounce water tank

–          19.5-foot power cord

According to Haan SI-35 customer reports, although some of the customers wish it this steam mop have a longer power cord, others provide a solution by using electrical power extension. Many users were happy with the product and highly prefer this rather than the non-sanitizing mops. This product is highly appreciated and is recommended for all homes. If you want to keep your home sanitized and thoroughly clean, then Haan SI-35 is the answer.