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Haan SI-60 reviewsThis  Haan SI-60 review is about a steam mop from Haan . This Haan SI-60 Slim & Light Mop uses fifteen steam jets that produce steam that is high enough in temperature to eliminate the dust mites that will prevail and will terminate the bacteria in as little as in one second.  This mop can reach a maximum of two hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit. It heats up in just thirty seconds. It has a 13.5 ounce storage tank which lets you to eliminate the dust mites for twenty to twenty five minutes before the refilling. The advantage of this Haan is that there is no need to pump the trigger and it produces the steam continuously. The Haan SI-60 review tells us that it uses a scientifically proven method for warming up the water, the Haan SI allows you to have the refill removable tank which you can full from the tap. The Haan SI like its predecessors weighs very less that is less than five  pounds even when it is filled with water and it has the low effect mop and it has much better features than its predecessors.

The only cons that could be in the Haan steam mop would be that it has short power cord which is just 19.5 feet power cord and it does not have a large head that makes it difficult to move it to the tight places. The other problem that the Haan faces is that it is not able to clean the grout or recessed tiles very well., but this problem is faced by many steam mops other than the Haan SI mop.

All the models of Haan steam mops present the solution if hygiene is your goal however there are different price ranges for them. However cheaper steam mops are available in the market if you are not much in to sanitizing. The Haan steam mop is one of the best steam mops available in the market providing you proper sanitization in the best budget price and has received many positive reviews from the experts as well as the users.

The Haan SI-60 customer reports show that the pros that are shown in the reviews by the users are that it can heat up in as low in as 30 seconds which is quick enough. The stem mop sanitizes very easily and quickly also it has a very low profile head. The steam provided by this the continuous steam which provides best result and it has a removable water tank. The cons provided in this review are that the head does not swivel and the power cord provided by this Haan steam mop is short which can be a problem. It also does not clean the grout well. But it provides best cleaning in a budget.