Haier 26 Bottle reviews


Haier 26 Bottle customer reports


Haier 26 Bottle reviewsHaving a large capacity wine cooler is a great investment for your business. Haier 26 Bottle Capacity Freestanding Wine Cellar is one of the best rated wine coolers for a purpose. To know why, read this Haier 26 Bottle Review.

This Haier wine cooler has 6 shelves and can hold up to 26 standard size wine bottles. The design is great having a brushed aluminum trim of the door with the body having a black body finish. It also has a see-through door through a glass window. This glass window provides a full view and it has a blue gray tint which functions to protect the wine from any UV light that may affect the quality of the wine. The storage racks also has a classy Wood Trim. The interior of this wine cooler is illuminated by a soft interior lighting.

Haier 26-bottle capacity wine cooler measures 33.75 inches high by 14.87 inches wide by 21.31 inches. It also has a LED display which shows the temperature which is also adjustable through the wine cooler’s electronic temperature control. The LED of the display is of blue color, a matching color for the black body finish and the blue grey tint of the window.

This wine cooler also ensures ease of use, storage, and cleaning. It has 5 glide-out chrome storage racks which make it easy to take out the wine or clean the racks. The glass is also see-through so that opening the door just to look inside will be lessened; thus, it will save electricity. There are also automatic settings for red and white wines so that you won’t have to worry about not knowing what the right temperature is for different types of wine.

The amazing Haier 26-Bottle is surely a great investment whether be it for you home or for your business. It is also available in an affordable price.

Haier 26 Bottle Capacity Built-In Freestanding Wine Cellar Specifics and Feature:

–          Dimension: 33.75 inches high by 14.87 inches wide by 21.31 inches

–          Interior light

–          Reversible door

–          LED Controls

–          Electronic Temperature Control

–          Automatic Settings for Red and White Wines

–          LED Display for Temperature Read-Out

–          5 Glide-out Chrome Storage Racks with Wood Trim

–          1 Chrome Storage Bottom Rack

–          Zero Degree Clearance Door Opening

–          Soft Interior Lighting

–          Full-View Blue Gray Tint Double Pane Glass Door

–          Brushed Aluminum Door Trim

–          Auto Door Stop

According to the Haier 26 Bottle customer reports, the Haier wine cooler is one of the top performing and top rated wine coolers available in the market. Many have commented that this wine cooler has a great value.