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Haier HLP21N customer reports


Haier HLP21N Portable Washing Machine reviewsIf one cubic foot of laundry is not enough capacity for everyone, Haier HLP21N Washing Machine might not be of interest. However, if it’s super space-saving solution you’re looking for your laundry, the Haier HLP21N portable washing machine definitely holds the answer. Read on this Haier HLP21N Review.

Haier HLP21N is a light weight and highly portable machine weighing only 43 pounds. Though there’s a limited capacity of this washer that might not suit all users; however, this washing machine is not designed for large load washing. It is designed for bring-it-anywhere portability. Some conveniences are also lost, such as delay start, a cycle timer and detergent dispensers. A portable washer this lightweight and compact can’t have everything, but it might have what’s right for you.

The Haier HLP21N is not a substandard because even in its limited purposes, it’s actually quite impressive. It is one of the smallest washers and it is also nearly the least expensive. But even if it’s small, it doesn’t compromise quality.

Measuring only for 29.9 inches tall, 17.6 inches wide and 17.25 inches deep, this Haier portable washing machine is compact enough to fit nearly anywhere. It can be stored in a spare corner or broom closet. This washer can even be installed in a trailer or on a boat.
The stainless steel tub functions by pulsation and does not have an agitator which enables you to fit it up to a cubic foot of laundry in this tiny machine. Also because of its light weight, it is highly portable. It can even be sling onto your back and carry it anywhere you like. There are also four heavy-duty casters that are included for easy transportation across flat surfaces.

Its control pad is shiny and simple and it is used to select your wash cycle and water level. The three automatic cycles are Heavy, Quick Wash and Normal, and the three automatic water levels range from high to low. Its circular lights indicate which cycle and water level are selected and the status of the current cycle are displayed.

Haier HLP21N also offers customization of cycles. It also runs on an average of 214 kilowatt hours per year. It’s noise efficient as well.
Haier HLP21N Portable Washing Machine Characteristics and Features:

  • Lightwieght –43 pounds
  • Inexpensive
  • 29.9 inches tall, 17.6 inches wide and 17.25 inches deep
  • four heavy-duty casters included in the package
  • three automatic cycles are Heavy, Quick Wash and Normal
  • three automatic water levels
  • Wattage : 214 kilowatt hours per year

According to the Haier HLP21N customer reports, the portability of this washing machine is really efficient as said by the customers who have tried this product.