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Haier HLP21N reviews

Many have proven Haier HLP21N is not a substandard portable washing machine. It is small yet tough on cleaning. Read about this Haier HLP21N Review.

Measuring only only 29.9 inches tall, 17.6 inches wide and 17.25 inches deep, this Haier portable washing machine is compact enough to fit nearly anywhere. It is really useful especially if you’re renting an apartment or if you’re starting in living alone.

The stainless steel tub functions by pulsation and since there is no agitator, up to cubic foot of laundry can be fitted in this tiny machine. Comparing to other portable washing machines, the Haier HLP21N weighs only 43 pounds. Four heavy-duty casters are included for easy transportation across flat surfaces and the caster breaks to prevent the unit from scooting around the room.

The washing machine’s control pad is shiny and simple and it is used to select your wash cycle and water level. There are also three automatic cycles are Heavy, Quick Wash and Normal. This gives you choices in what you should use in washing your clothes. Clothes are made of different fabrics so it requires also different ways of cleaning. Some does not to be cleaned much while some need heavy cleaning.

There is also an ensured clear word description and understandable illustrations in the control panel which makes it intuitive and easy to use. Haier HLP21N also offers customization of cycles. This is done by pressing the Select button a specific number of times to select if it is to wash only, to wash and rinse, to rinse and spin, or to spin only.

Running only 214 kilowatt hours per year, Haier HLP21N is truly money saving too. It’s also noise efficient as well as it works in a quiet operation.

Haier HLP21N Washing Machine Specifics and Features:

–          Product Dimension: 29.9 in (H) x 17.6 in (W) x 17.25 inches (D)

–          Unit weight: 43 pounds

–          Three automatic cycles : Heavy, Quick Wash and Normal

–          Customization of cycles: wash only, wash and rinse, rinse and spin, spin only

–          clear word description and understandable illustrations in the control panel

–          Portable and easy to carry

–          Comes with Four heavy-duty casters and caster breaks

–          214 kilowatt hours per year

–          Quiet operation

–          Expensive


If you’re living on your own and does not need a huge washing machine then this washing machine is just the right one for you. It is small and portable. In the Haier HLP21N customer reports, many customers in the have found this extremely useful especially to those who have so little of space in their apartment. One cubic foot of laundry may not be enough capacity for everyone and though some conveniences are lost, such as delay start, a cycle timer and detergent dispensers. With its amazing feature, Haier HLP21N is truly a washing machine to invest for.