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Haier HLP23E reviewsHaving a small apartment might be a problem because there might not have much space for a washing machine. If that is your situation and you’re also tight on budget, Haier HLP23E Portable Washing Machine is just the right washing machine for you. Read more about it in this Haier HLP23E Review.

The Haier HLP23E portable washing machine is the least expensive of the lot but it doesn’t leave it quality. This washing machine lacks some convenient features that are present in more expensive washing machines but its slim stature and its very affordable price is what makes it one of the top rated portable washing machines.

HLP23E is merely 35 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 22.5 inches deep and it is thus one of the most compact machines there are in the market. Its tub is also made of stainless steel and can hold up to 1.45 cubic feet of clothes. The tub pulsates to get the clothes and fabrics thoroughly clean.

This portable washing machine features a heavy-duty cycle which soaks super soiled items for about 20 minutes, prewashes them for 8 minutes, and then soaks them again for 5 minutes. It is extremely useful for removing stains.

The Haier HLP23E can also delay your wash up to 24 hours, set an automatic cycle, or even customize elements to create your own cycle. The four automatic cycle options offered by this portable washing machine are standard, heavy, gentle and quick wash. The standard cycle works for most types of laundry, the quick wash cycle for their everyday needs and the heavy cycle clean thorough.

It also weighs 65 pounds and its cabinet handles serve to make the machine easy enough to move. This unit has four automatic water levels which depend on the load size.

This machine also operates quietly, which is a great characteristic of a portable washing machine. Your housemates and even your neighbors won’t be disturbed by annoying washing machine sounds.

Haier HLP23E Portable Washing Machine Specifics and Features:

–          Weight: 65 pounds

–          Dimension: 35 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 22.5 inches deep

–          Load capacity: 1.45 cubic feet

–          With cabinet handles

–          Delay wash

–          Four automatic cycle options: standard, heavy, gentle and quick wash

–          adjustable leveling legs

Many have said that even though it doesn’t have other features that more expensive washing machine have, the Haier HLP23E is really a great help because it is hard to find an affordable top quality-performing machine. According to the Haier HLP23E customer reports, the customers find this extremely useful at home since they don’t need large space to have ease in cleaning clothes and fabrics thoroughly.