Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle reviews


Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle customer reports


Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle reviewsIf you are looking for a wine rack that will not only store your favourite drinks, but will actually help in keeping your wines’ taste and flavour, it is best to invest on something that is specifically made for that purpose. There are a lot of wine racks that are equipped with special technologies to protect your wines from the outside environment to preserve its natural taste and texture. What is best is that, some of these wine racks are very much portable so that you can easily put it in your kitchen counter top.

If this interests you, then you may want to check out the Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle wine cellar. In this Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle review, we will discuss features, pros, and cons so you can decide whether this wine cellar should belong to your kitchen or not.

The Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle wine cellar has varying temperature settings which help in keeping your wines in their top quality. You can choose from its electronic temperature control your desired temperature ranging from 46 to 64F, or simply normal, warmer or colder. The temperature control is also very easy to manipulate. The buttons are set on the front panel and a blue LED display shows the chosen settings clearly. Aside from that, to really preserve the wines quality, this wine cellar also boasts dual pane insulated door that blocks away ambient influence from the outside that may cause disturbance in the inside. With this, you can be sure that no harsh influences from the outside will transmit to the inside, avoiding change and alteration of your wines’ taste.

The Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle wine cellar is divided into three layers. This provides easy access whenever you want to take out one of your wines for a drink. This wine cellar is also very compact. You can easily fit it to your kitchen countertop and will not take so much space. With this, you would not need to worry to put this up in your house or apartment.

Overall, according to various Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle customer reports, it is able to deliver what it promises. It can store six wine bottles easily and it gives out a cold temperature. It is also very light so moving it around the house is easy. Added to that, it can also easily sit on any counter top. It also works very quietly and does not produce any annoying sound. However, many,especially those who like drinking their wines super cold, find the coldest setting to be not enough. They said that they still need to put their wines back in the fridge before drinking to get their desired coldness.

They also took note that though the shelves are removable, they are not adjustable. It could have been better if it lets the users adjust the shelves, so that they can make room for larger bottles of wine, and still be able to store thinner ones. But all in all, the Haier ZHVTM06PBB 6-Bottle is a good wine cellar choice if you are just looking for a good way to store in your wines.