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 Hasbro Cyber Stompin reviewsThe time is changing quite drastically and new toy characters are taking the place of older ones. A perfect example of this phenomenon is Hasbro Transformers Cyber Stompin’ Optimus Prime Action. The character of Optimus prime got the fame after the release of record breaking movie “Transformers”.  The Hasbro has designed this Cyber Stompin toy with the deep details and the best thing about this top notch product is that it is available at unparalleled reasonable prices. Yes, the adventurous Cyber Optimus is available at only $35-$45 that is obviously a nice price for such an outstanding character.

If you read some Hasbro Cyber Stompin Review and its history then you will find that the Transformers started to manufacture in the toy line of Hasbro back in the year of 1983. The very first gears of this cherished toy series feature the vehicles that can transform into the audacious robots. Soon these toys are inspired by the various fictional story lines of different cartoons and movies that put these toys into two categories the evil Decepticons whose target to destroy the earth and the second one are heroic Autobots that are helping the humans in order to protect the race of mankind. As a result, in 2007 a live action based film on these characters was released that become the biggest reason behind touching the extreme lines of fame and popularity.

Now the kids can bring struggle and action in their own home between the Decepticons and Autobots with the memorable figures like Optimus Prime. By playing with Cyber Stompin, your kid can take control of the intrepid leader of the legendary Autobots and can also play his/her part in the rescue of the earth from the merciless Decepticons. According to the Hasbro Cyber Stompin customer reports this toy has the capability to totally stab your young kid in the action because of its recreating and fearsome sound effects that are grabbed directly from the movie. The most interesting feature of this toy is that it produces an electronic crashing reverberation on every step.

All of its sound effects are very convincing so that even your kid could easily imagine that he/she is standing right in front of the massive transformer. The Cyber Stompin can also produce a large number of other sounds that can be effortlessly triggered by only a single touch of a button. The speech parts and the battle sounds are also recorded right from the movie that makes it extremely easy for your kids to emulate the favorite scenes of the movie. Unlike other figures of the Transformers the Cyber Stompin cannot convert it into any model of vehicle and it always stays in its Herculean robotic mode. Moreover, the Optimus Prime’s chest and the eye’s light provide a cool and glowing mechanical effect.