Hawkins Futura Hard reviews


Hawkins Futura Hard customer reports


Hawkins Futura Hard reviewsThis new model of pressure cooker as described in this Hawkins Futura Hard review is a cooker that has an automatic pressure regulator and has a safety valve which is shielded and has a capacity that can cook up to 5.0 liters. The cooker is so designed that the handle and exterior of the cooker does not heat up like the other cookers and makes the cooking process very easy for the user. The lid of the cooker is so designed so that the pressure that is built up by the cooking does not leave the cooker until the cooker is opened.

There are many features in this Hawkins Futura hard pressure cooker which are given below:

  • It has a shielded safety valve and has a long lasting gasket which adds to the many unique features that are in this cooker. There is also a non corroding hard anodized surface which makes the cooker long lasting and gives a greater lifetime to the Hawkins pressure cooker.
  • The lock of the pressure cooker is pressure lock which is very safe and prevents the pressure cooker from losing the pressure. The handle of the pressure cooker does not heat up which is an advantage since the other models in the market does not provide such a facility.
  • The dimensions of this Hawkins Futura hard pressure cooker is: 16 x 10 x 8 inches, and the weight of this pressure cooker is 7 pounds. Although the shipping weight of this Hawkins Futura hard pressure cooker will be 8 pounds as provided in this Hawkins Futura Hard review. The items can be ordered even outside of the USA and can be shipped to any country. Also it is shipped separately from the other items that you may have ordered, but the separate shipping charges will not apply on the shipment.
  • ASIN: B000GR7776 and the item model number of this Hawkins Futura hard pressure cooker   is F10.

The Hawkins Futura Hard customer report shows that the products have received very positive response from the users and the long life of the product has won over the confidence of the customers. The other feature that received positive response from the users is the speed with which the cooker cooks the food, which is lesser when compared to the other cookers available in the market. The other feature is that it has a very elegant design which looks beautiful when placed in the kitchen, specially designed for the users who want an elegant addition and care about the look of the kitchen. It is also very easy to clean and comes in handy for the people who have to serve big servings and they can make do with a single big pressure cooker.