Best Rated Tennis Racket from Head


1.Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis RacquetBenefits

As stated in the Head Liquidmetal 8 tennis racquet reviews you have the advantage of added control with each serve.

Considered the best tennis racquet from Head it is designed to reduce vibrations that can affect your swing.

This tennis racquet is perfect for beginners and other players who want to work on their serve.

You will appreciate its lightweight construction, along with its professional and stylish design.



It should be noted that this tennis racquet does not include a protective cover, and while this doesn’t affect its performance it may be an added expensive that some consumers might not want to pay.


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Benefits Explained

  • If you need the best tennis racquet with TSC this might be exactly what you are looking for. The larger sweet spot makes it easier for you to control the placement of the ball, which can have the added advantage of a higher score. The racquet is also strung in an open pattern which helps to enlarge the total sweet spot for even more control over the ball. This also helps to add extra spin to the ball for more power behind your serve.

1.Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racquet

  • You will also appreciate the attached dampener that helps to reduce vibrations that can affect your performance and control. The No Shox handle is specially designed to fit comfortably in your hand and diminish vibrations up to 27 percent, without taking away from the feel of the ball connecting with the racquet. The reduced vibrations can also help prevent some arm and shoulder injuries that can be caused by the constant motion.


  • Beginning players will appreciate the larger sweet spot that makes it easier to hit the ball over the net, and more experienced athletes will appreciate the added control. It is perfect for helping players get used to the feel of the ball connecting with the racquet, and since it is strung in an open pattern you can also learn how to put a spin on your serve. Its forgiving design is perfect for beginners who can be easily frustrated when the ball doesn’t land over the net, and its lightweight design makes this tennis racquet extremely comfortable to swing for long periods of time.


  • The lightweight construction is perfect for longer training sessions, and will help prevent wrist and arm fatigue. The tennis racquet is also extremely well balanced, and with a stiffness rating of 66 you can return each serve with plenty of power. It also features a professional and stylish design that looks great, even when your playing may not be up to par.


If you are just starting out on the tennis courts or simply want to work on your control of the ball, this might be the perfect racquet for you. It features a larger sweet spot to give you plenty of control over your serve, and the open string pattern lets you put a little spin on the ball to help it over the net. Lightweight and comfortable to use for longer practice sessions, this tennis racquet may be just what you need for a perfect overhand serve.


Buy from Amazon for ($84.95)