Hitachi KC18DG6L reviews


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Hitachi KC18DG6L reviews

If you like doing home repairs and small constructions on your own, it is a good time to invest on powerful tools. This does not only help you achieve excellent results, but also makes your work easier thus keeping you on schedule. If you are thinking of getting yourself one of those power tool kits, why not check out Hitachi KC18DG6L. This combo kit has six pieces, which includes a hammer drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw, impact driver, grinder, and two-mode lantern. With all these tools, you can definitely attend to all the repairs that your house needs. In this Hitachi KC18DG6L review article, we will discuss the features of each tool to know whether this power tool combo kit fits all of your repair and construction needs. The Hitachi KC18DG6L claims to have one of the toughest hammer drills in the market. The DV18DL Hammer Drill features 570 inches of torque that can work through even hardest and harshest materials. It also has a quick two-step switch which lets you adjust its speed setting, so you can employ the perfect speed that you think is best suitable for the job. The hammer drill has four different speed options.

The CR18DL Reciprocating Saw that comes with the combo kit works on a very powerful motor that gives 0 – 2, 100 strokes per minute for cutting wood, composites, and metals. Furthermore, the reciprocating saw has a triple-sealed body that protects it from dust, debris, and water for longer lasting durability. Also, since it features a tool-less blade changing system, you can be guaranteed of the ultimate comfort and efficiency when using this tool.

The included C18DL 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw offers a very powerful motor working on 3,400 RPM that easily cuts through various materials of up to 2 ¼ inches thick. To ensure precise cutting, this circular saw has a built-in spotlight that illuminates your work surface for better and clearer view. The WH18DL Impact Driver is a handy tool for installing windows and cabinets or sinking deck screws. This impact driver offers a two-piece motor that is integrated with heavy-gauge copper coils that helps increase its power and durability. Added to that, it also has a cool flow system, which enhances the tool’s durability and avoids motor burn out.

The included grinder, called G18DL Angle Grinder, has a high-torque power of 9, 100 RPM. With this, you tackle tough cutting and grinding applications with much ease. The UB18DL Two-Mode Lantern, on the other hand, provides great assistance for every work you are undertaking. It provides LED light to give you a better lighting on your work surface. Furthermore, it offers eight position handles so you can place or hang it anywhere convenient to you. With this detailed look on the tools’ features, we hope we were able to give you a clearer look on the Hitachi KC18DG6L. If you are still undecided at this point, we strongly believe that reading through various Hitachi KC18DG6L customer reports can help you make the right decision.