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Hitachi Magic Wand reviewsIf you are looking for a vibrating muscle massager, this Hitachi Magic Wand review will provide you with an idea that can be taken into consideration. This magic wand acts more than just a massager for aching body. More of that will be dealt in the rest of this review.

Those who have bought this product, as it has been revealed in various Hitachi Magic Wand customer reports, have found it to be effective as an external vibrating massager. Simply put it on the part of your body that is painful, and within minutes, you will be able to experience pain relief. As it is claimed by the manufacturers of this wand, it is the perfect massager for sore nerves and muscles, relief from tension, and as excellent equipment for rehabilitation after an injury.

The rubberized head of the device that is 2.5 inches makes it possible to relieve the body pain that is experienced by the user. There are two vibration rates that can be chosen when this product is used. Its users can choose from 6,000 or 5,000 rpm. If you would want the option to select a more variable speed, aside from the two settings, -there are some accessories that can be bought.

However, even if it is claimed to be a muscle massager, it is interesting to note that this product has been acclaimed as a popular sex toy during the 1970s. Many people have found such to be a good vibrator, providing stimulation to sensitive parts of the body. Many women who have used such before have reported a high level of satisfaction, in this case, sexual satisfaction, from its use. It became popularly associated with sexual pleasure because it has been used in some television shows in the past, such as in Sex and the City.

This Hitachi Magic Wand review notes that one of the good things about this product, for those who used such as a vibrator, it that it is electric and not powered by batteries. Since it is electric, it has the ability to deliver more powerful vibrations that can prove to be more sexually stimulating compared to other types of vibrators. Aside from having more powerful vibrations, it is also more constant.

While this massager has been used by many women as a sex toy, it is also important to note than even men have found pleasure in its use. Females commonly used it for stimulation of their clitoris and vulva. On the other hand, men use it for the stimulation of their glans and shaft. There are attachments that can be bought in the market to make it more stimulating when used as a sex toy.

In sum, this product can act not just as a good remedy for your aching body, but also as a good device for sexual stimulations. If you would want to know more on how this can satisfy you, read more Hitachi Magic Wand customer reports to see the experiences that have been shared by its users.