Most Reliable Fraiming Nailer for Hitachi


1. Hitachi NR90AE(S)Pros

According to the Hitachi NR90AE(S) framing nailer reviews you have the advantage of the durable construction and included warranty.

Often considered the best framing nailer from Hitachi, it features a lightweight design that is comfortable to use.

You will appreciate how easy this tool is to use, especially its “tool-free” design.

This framing nailer features all of the power and convenience you need to work with a variety of materials.



While this framing nailer does feature a durable construction some consumers have mentioned that its performance can be affected by changes in the weather, which should be considered especially if you live in a hot climate.


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Benefits Explained


  • This framing nailer features a durable construction that is designed to last through your toughest jobs. The toenail is constructed from strong carbon steel while the durable aluminum magazine is lightweight and flexible. The 21 degree magazine also includes a separate bracket for mounting which can dramatically reduce the risk of damage that might require costly repairs. For added peace of mind, this durable framing nailer also includes a 5 year warranty.

2. Hitachi NR90AE(S)

  • You will appreciate its lightweight construction when you are working on larger projects, and since it only weights 7.5 pounds it can easily be used overhead. The lightweight design helps to prevent wrist and arm fatigue, while the non slip grip on the handle makes it easy to hold on to. The aluminum magazine is also designed for quick and easy loading so you can immediately start working on your next project.


  • Lightweight and durable, this framing nailer is also designed to be easy and convenient to use. A simple flip of the conveniently placed switch lets you go from contact to sequential firing, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to adjust the drive dial. This “tool-less” design lets you change from driving nails flush against the material, to sinking deeper in all without having to stop and adjust the pressure gauge on the connected air compressor.


  • Everything aspect of this framing nailer is designed for easy and convent use, and features all of the power you need to drive 21 degree nails through a variety of materials. Not only is it designed for framing houses, but it can also be used for building trusses. Lay sturdy subflooring and decking, along with nailing wall sheathing and even roofing with this lightweight and convenient tool.



Whether you are a attaching a few missing shingles from your roof or framing a new house this lightweight and durable nailer might be the perfect tool for you. This framing nailer with a non-slip grip trigger is designed to be comfortable and convenient to use, even for larger overhead jobs. It features a lightweight and durable construction that can handle rugged working conditions, and you also have the advantage of the included 5 year warranty. Affordably priced and designed to be used with a variety of materials, this might be the perfect tool for your next framing job.


Buy from Amazon for ($269.29)