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Hitachi WH18DFL reviewsIf you are looking for a cordless impact driver, this Hitachi WH18DFL review will provide you with insights on one model that can be given consideration. However, it is important to note that this article does not provide an all-encompassing positive review of the product, as there are many customers who have expressed their dissatisfaction about some of the features of this product. Nonetheless, all in all, you can still find this product to have acceptable quality, compared to other models, especially those that are from the lower end of the market.

When drilling, fastening, and driving, you can expect that this product can deliver up to 2,500 RPM. In addition, it also has 1,150 in-lbs of torque. Both the power and speed, according to many people who have already tried the product, is below the average within its class and product category. For instance, it is said that speed is 2% lower compared to the average, while the power is 18% lower compared to average.

One of the things at which this model can be said to be excellent, as also highlighted in various Hitachi WH18DFL customer reports, would be with regards to its weight. It only weighs 3.3 pounds. Compared to many other impact drivers that you can see in the market, this is 9% lighter. In addition, it also belongs to the top 15% in its class when it comes to weight. There are many benefits that users can be able to enjoy with such weight. For instance, it makes the impact driver easy to carry. Even if you expect to work and hold this tool for a long time, you will not surely experience any kind of pain or strain on your hands since it is very lightweight.

In addition, this Hitachi WH18DFL review also highlights some of the user-friendly features that you can experience from the use of this product. For instance, it comes with a non-slip grip, which means that you can have a better hold of this tool as it is used. It also comes with a 5-position belt hook, which is patented, that makes it possible to make the product more portable. Also, it is designed with LED lights in order to offer illumination when working in poorly-lit areas.

Another thing that has been liked by its users is its battery. It is said to last for three times longer, which means that you can do more jobs. They also weigh lighter compared to the traditional batteries that are used in other models. It is also a good thing that it takes only quite a while for the battery to be fully recharged, allowing you to not wait for a long time before the impact drill can be used again once it was drained. However, there were many people who did not like the fact that it does not include a battery indicator to let you know how much power still remains.

In some, in spite of some of the limitations of this model, there are still many people who have given it a high rating, which is a proof to their satisfaction. If you want to know more what other users have said about the product, look for more Hitachi WH18DFL customer reports.