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Hitman: Absolution reviewsAll the gamers out there will surely feast on the new game by Square Enix, the Hitman: Absolution. Not only does it boast an exciting story line, but its features are also directed to make the game look as if it is real. In this article, we will try to give you a comprehensive Hitman: Absolution review so that you can have an idea what is in store for you on this new gaming delight. As much as possible, we will give you an in depth look of its features, without overbearing all the details so that it will be still exciting for all those planning to buy one. In this regard, we hope that with this article, you can have an idea of what the Hitman: Absolution offers the gamers and whether it is worth dedicating time and effort. With this, we hope that with whatever decision you make, you will be guided so as to avoid disappointing purchase.

The Hitman: Absolution is online game produced by Square Enix as an addition to the Hitman franchise. This particular game follows one cold blooded assassin, called Agent 47, as he goes on his most dangerous and most personal job to date. Betrayed by those very people he once trusted and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself in the center of a dark conspiracy that pushes him to a corrupt and twisted world. In this game, you will be taking on the role of Agent 47. You become a deadly and legendary assassin with the ability to blend, almost disappear, in plain sight, kill with just bare hands, and be able to make weapons out of everything and anything. One key feature of Hitman: Absolution is the Contract mode. With this mode, you can create your own custom hits by choosing             the level, targets, weapons and the rules of assassination.

Contracts can also be shared and the money you get earn can be used to unlock weapons, upgrades, and disguises. The Hitman: Absolution also offers an option if you want to stalk from the shadows or rush in guns blazing. Thanks to its sophisticate sytem, Hitman: Absolution reacts realistically and quickly to every tactic that you use. Furthermore, it also offers a wide variety of disguises that you can use. You can opt to impersonate your victims or blend in on the world around you, giving you the chance for new actions, options, and element of surprise. Another great feature is its Instinct mode. This helps you detect patrols, identify weapons and escape routes, and even help you upgrade your disguises.

All in all, the Hitman: Absolution seems to be really exciting and fun to play. Actually, many Hitman: Absolution customer reports actually attested how challenging, palpable, and fun the game is. THitman: Absolution hits all the right notes from its game play to graphics. So if you are looking for a new game, the Hitman: Absolution will surely not disappoint.