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Hoover Commercial Elite Upright reviewsIf you want vacuuming done quickly, you need Hoover Commercial Elite Upright to get the job done. Want to know more? Read more about it in this Hoover Commercial Elite Upright Review.

Hoover Commercial Elite Upright Vacuum is an incredible machinery that excels at cleaning carpets and bare floors. Hoover doesn’t put in useless fancy features in this vacuum but puts in what is needed and normally used.

This vacuum uses a 7.1 ampere motor which provides an amazingly strong suction that lifts away dirt and dust from carpets and bare floors. It also comes with a double brush agitator that takes out the deeply imbedded dirt and hair in carpets and rugs so that the vacuum can easily pick them up.  This feature is extremely useful when there are pets at home.

It uses 12 inches of cleaning path which enable the vacuum to cover a wider area with each pass for faster cleaning. What’s more is that it also comes with an extra-long 31-foot power cord enabling you to avoid unplugging and plugging again very often. It also features a three-position handle that can be adjusted to be able to clean under low-clearance furniture.

The Hoover Commercial Elite Upright also features a triple filtration system which can remove as much as 99% of dirt and allergens from the floor. It also uses a Hoover Type A vacuum bags which is capable of keeping the dirt contained inside the bag. It is also easy to be found in the market. When the vacuum bag is full, the bag can be simply removed, dumped it in the trash, and be replaced with a new bag.

This vacuum is also lightweight having only a weight of only 11 pounds enabling easy maneuvering and transporting of the vacuum.

Hoover Commercial Elite Upright Vacuum Specifics and Features:

  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Manual 4-position height adjustment
  • On/Off switch is conveniently located on the handle for fingertip access
  • Two-brush agitator helps loosen dirt for more thorough cleaning
  • Triple allergen filtration removes up to 99% of pollen, dust and dirt
  • Comes with 31-foot power cord
  • Features dual-brush edge cleaning
  • Designed with a built-in maid’s cart hang-up hook
  • Strong suction
  • Extra-long power cord
  • Uses a disposable Hoover Type A bag
  • Affordable price
  • Powerful beater bar
  • Works well on bare floors and carpets

According to the Hoover Commercial Elite Upright customer reports, this vacuum cleaner opens more ways to clean the floor without those unnecessary accessories. It has a strong suction that vacuums away even the imbedded dirt and hair from the carpet. Many customers have commented that this vacuum is surely the best they have found.