Most Appreciated Crossbow from Horton


Horton CB880 Havoc 175Benefits

Offering the revolutionary Reverse Draw Technology, this model is undoubtedly the best crossbow from Horton.

The stock has been redesigned to provide utmost comfort.

The Viper X String is another exciting feature.

The color is perfect for stealth hunting.

The crossbow comes with all the necessary components for out-of-the-box functionality.



One of the Horton CB880 Havoc 175 Crossbow Package reviews claims that the trigger is rather hard to pull.


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Benefits Explained

The revolutionary Reverse Draw Technology makes the Horton CB880 Havoc the best crossbow for hunters who want stealth, perfect balance and a deadly dose of speed that will bring down the prey easily. The reverse arrangement of the riser and limb plus the string that is made to be at the leading edge eliminates all of the brace height. The brace height is the distance from the string to the turning point of the bow’s grip. Elimination of the brace height maximizes the power stroke, which results from pulling the string into the curve of the limbs. This is a better system than those which pull the string away from the limbs, as it increases crossbow performance dramatically.

1.Horton CB880 Havoc 175 Crossbow Package

The stock on the Horton Havoc has been completely overhauled, ensuring a great feel. The redesigned stock results in a compact unit that offers a perfect combination of maneuverability and power, which is exactly what any avid crossbow hunter demands out of their weapon. The re-engineered stock offers superb comfort balanced with spot on targeting of the prey. Surely, there will be more meat in your freezer every time you go hunting with this deadly tool. The rugged foot stirrup is equipped with boot grip ridges to ensure a secure, no-slip positioning in your hand.


The Viper X string is a unique feature that delivers enhanced speed while hunting. It also offers greater accuracy. The hunter can focus on the hunt thanks to the ambidextrous cheek rest that provides improved comfort. The crossbow boasts greater body strength thanks to the aluminum barrel that provides precision when shooting.


Taking to the woods with your bow requires concealment. The bow should easily blend with the patterns of the hunting environment. This is where the Realtree camo comes handy. The realistic color eliminates the glare while hiding the lines of the bow from the game, perfect for stealth hunting use. The compact design enables effortless handling during the hunt.


The Horton Havoc is a US-made product that ensures quality craftsmanship and complete functionality. It ships with an Arachnid Black 5-arrow quiver, a 4x32mm Mult-A-Range Scope with rings, three 20-inch crossbow bolts with field points and an RDT Cocking Sled, giving you all the elements needed to bring your prey down. The MIM Talon ultra-light trigger is easy to use and comes with dual sided safety. The CNC-machined precision cams work with the advanced laminated limbs to optimize speed up to 325 feet per second. The CNC Picatinny rail sight bridge features anti-dry fire mechanism so you can shoot fast and true. The bow also comes with a spring-loaded ball detent arrow retention system that offers convenience.



Weighing in at 8.3 pounds, the Horton CB880 Havoc offers the speed that today’s serious hunter demands in a crossbow, thanks to the advanced reverse draw limbs plus the precision CNC-machined cams. The exclusive Viper X strings provide bone-crushing energy while the Realtree color maximizes stealth.


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