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Horton Vision 175 reviews

If you are looking for a cross bow well suited for beginners, you may want to consider getting Horton Vision 175. This particular cross bow model has a number of features that will definitely boost anyone’s confidence in hunting. In this article we will give you a detailed Horton Vision 175 review so you can see if this cross bow suits your hunting style and abilities. One thing that makes Horton Vision 175 a great choice for beginners is its design. Unlike most of the cross bows out in the market, this particular model features a reverse draw limb design. This design makes the cross bow very well balanced, devoid of a heavy front end. With this, handling and firing the cross bow is easier and comfortable. More so, Horton Vision 175 is also very compact, making it really easy to carry even for those who have small build. Added to that, this cross bow also has a CNC machined wheels that provides amazing speed power to the weapon. With this, you are always attack-ready in cases of surprise knock downs.

Furthermore, Horton Vision 175 acknowledges the fact that sounds can make or break your hunting success. Having a cross bow that works quietly can give you a huge advantage in any hunting game. The Horton Vision 175 is exactly that. It works and hits its target silently, providing you an ultimate lead over your target.

However, even if it is loaded with features, Horton Vision 175 has to still battle it out with some negative issues. Many customers find the scope of this cross bow not that easy to use. This may limit you in your hunting. In addition, some also find its quiver to be poor. With its price range, many expected more from it. Another concern of users is the cocking device. Though it seems to be of good quality, it may face some wear issues concerning the rail.

All in all, this cross bow model has its share of positive and negative comments from its users. If you think you can deal with its short comings, then trying out the Horton Vision 175 is definitely a good go. Remember that many are still very happy and satisfied with the cross bow, it just all depends on your needs and hunting style. Furthermore, many Horton Vision 175 customer reports still give the product a good recommendation, so we can say that its great features outweigh the negative ones. In conclusion, you have to assess your needs very well so you can decide whether this cross bow works for you. If you are just a beginner hunter, then the Horton Vision 175 is a good starter package for you.