When we decorate the house, we all look for a theme which could match our personality, our taste and….our budget! You may wander around in town looking for a furniture that will perfectly and stylishly fit in your room, but the prices might put you off and you may consider buying something cheaper. However, low prices should make you wonder if the quality you will pay for is worthy! You do not want to pay for items which will start breaking down after a month or so.

So what are the solutions for buying something beautiful, stylish, durable and cheap at the same time?


Who does not love sales? If you are wishing to buy a luxurious furniture which you think that will look perfect in your kitchen/living room or bedroom, then wait for the sale season! Most of the brands and big companies will offer amazing prices for great quality furniture, so you will be lucky to decorate your living space as you desire. You could either get discounts in stores up to 70% or “hunt” online discounts and coupons! OZCodes.com.au helps you to save every time you shop online as it provides best deals and exclusive offers.



Planning is always important, especially when you have a limited budget. If you go shopping without knowing what you want and how much you want to spend, you will be tempted to buy items that you might not need, even though they will initially make you think that they indispensable. Try to buy the big pieces first such as the bed, the sofa, the desk and then the smaller items.


Buy Smaller

Big furniture requires more work and automatically its price is higher. Although a big sofa could be a great choice for large families, why not buy instead a smaller one? The price is lower and on top of that, a small sofa will create the effect of a larger room.  The same goes for the other rooms: replace big armchairs with French Chateau chairs, replace big living room furniture with decorative floating shelves, etc. It will not only save you money, but it will absolutely add that elegance and open space you might look for.


Tips: opt for multi-function designs such as sofa-bed or double tables. They have become a trend in the past few years and it will surely save you space and money.

         Simple design furniture cost less, it can match any interior design and besides, it gives you the chance to adorn it however you wish.


Buy Used

Not everyone might like buying items which have already been used. You may wonder if it is in good conditions, if the price is acceptable taking into account the fact that it has been used and most of all, you may wonder how long is it going to last??

With proper research, we assure you that you can find many used luxurious furniture under amazing conditions. Most owners look after their objects and you will be surprised to find the product you are after at a cheap price, for a good quality. Thrift stores and online public auctions are few options where you can search for furniture at acceptable prices. However, we also recommend to check the quality and the conditions of the product before buying. If it does not look alright, then keep searching.


If you have decided to buy more furniture than one, try to haggle (but do not exaggerate). Usually stores offer discounts when customers spend more than $500 for example. Therefore, it is useful to ask, discuss and find it if you can get a discount. Moreover, if you are lucky you can also find deals like sofa packages: a 3 seater sofa with 2 seater sofa.



We all feel the urge to finish the decorations before a certain event, but if you want to complete your interior design with luxurious furniture with a limited budget, you will need patience. Do not let the desire of having it all together make you buy cheap furniture all at once. You could end up with a furniture that will turn out to be a disaster and you will have to replace it soon enough. Firstly define a theme or idea for furnishing beforehand then start buying few items each month. One step at a time can save you money!

Do not think that a limited budget is an obstacle. As a matter of fact, it is a great strategy and opportunity for you to explore and plan. We hope you will find these suggestions useful!