Expanding your kitchen repertoire can become so much easier when you’ve got one of the best gas ranges on the market. Running on propane or natural gas, this type of kitchen equipment offers the visible confirmation of a flame to give home and professional cooks that unique feeling of being in control when executing their favorite recipes. Aside from ensuring the availability of fuel to be used, along with the unit’s functionality to match the cooking purpose/s, buyers are advised to take note of other essential elements as well.



Form Factor

The best gas ranges come in different styles or form factors.

The most common is the freestanding style, which is characterized by a backsplash as well as finished sides. A freestanding gas range can easily go into space between cabinets, at the end of a set of cabinets, or just standing alone on its own space in the kitchen. Freestanding gas range models are distinct from their electric counterparts for having front-mounted controls, as opposed to the backsplash-located ones on electric ranges.

For gas ranges that offer a smooth built-in look into the space between two cabinets, slide-in ranges offer a perfect fit. The slide-in type eliminates gaps, as the edges rest seamlessly on top of the counters. This style requires cabinet installations on both sides since it has non-enclosed or unfinished sides.

A drop-in range goes into a pre-formed cabinet opening. The bottom of the fixture it goes into features a cabinet panel running across, easily eliminating the standard bottom storage drawer/food warmer found in most models. This type requires planned cabinetry modification to ensure an enclosed look. Front-mounted controls are a given.



Control and Ventilation

No cook, whether professional or home type, will want a top rated gas range that doesn’t offer fast response to modifications on temperature made using the various knobs during cooking. Many dishes require precise controls, otherwise they end up as culinary disasters instead of masterpieces. The flame itself already serves as a physical confirmation of control, enabling the user to determine exactly how much heat is getting into the pan. The amount of heat from a gas burner also serves as an assurance of the ability of the cooktop to get things done.

Gas stoves require some form of ventilation or another, and this can vary between updraft and downdraft. The more common updraft type uses either a microwave outfitted with a function for ventilation above the unit, or an overhead hood configuration for ventilation. Downdraft ventilation is a more popular option, especially with kitchen peninsula or island structures that make it impractical to have an overhead ventilation system. A third but less used type is telescopic ventilation that rises at a touch of a button then stores neatly under the cabinetry when not in use.



Burner Type and Size

The power of best rated gas burners is quantified in British thermal units or BTU, which measures how much gas is used and the corresponding heat produced from the consumption. Typically, a gas range is equipped with four burners, comprising one or two medium-size ones (9,000 BTU), a small burner (5,000 BTU) and one or a pair of large ones (about 15,000 BTU). The cooking performance of the gas range itself is not indicated by the BTU specs, which most manufacturers utilize as a means to get people to notice and buy their units.

A high-power burner works great for quick boiling of water, as well as stir-frying and searing. Only gas ranges have simmer burners, which are low-heat components that handle delicate sauces as well as other items that do not cook well using high temperature. Medium-heat burners may be able to offer the same thing when turned at the lowest setting.

Some gas ranges feature a wok burner that offers 30,000 BTU.

Gas ranges can also come with sealed burners that prevent food from falling below the surface of the stove, making cleaning easy. However, most experienced chefs typically prefer open burners that allow hot air to escape upwards, which can supplement the heat getting into the cookware.


gas range with open burners



An oven that offers multiple rack positions offers versatility to accommodate tall or extra items. Most ranges offer five in all. With double ovens, different items can be cooked at different temperatures.

A warming drawer keeps cooked food warm till ready to be served. Cleaning the oven is less of a chore if it has a self-cleaning cycle. The Sabbath mode setting keeps cooked food warm during the Sabbath, eliminating the need to do some cooking on that particular day.

A recessed cooktop makes it easy to contain spills.

A delayed start feature allows the user to start the cooking process even when they’re not home.



A gas range is a popular appliance in any modern kitchen, whether in the home or professional setting. To ensure lasting use and years of fantastic cooking, this type of equipment needs to be bought after careful consideration of what a particular model can do to make the cooking experience awesome and more enjoyable. Choose a unit you believe you can work with throughout its lifetime.