Buying a good golf club set seems like a daunting task nowadays, when there are so many alternatives available on the market. If you have not made up your mind about what you should look for in a unit, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Just remember, reading some additional info never hurt anyone and it definitely will not hurt you. Have a look at the short yet informative buying guide we have put together to assist you in making the right call.


Golf Clubs


Club components

The maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry in his or her bag is 14. This doesn’t mean that you should feel compelled to take 14, particularly if you’re just starting out. The set should be composed of a putter, a pitching wedge, 7 irons or hybrids, and 3 woods.

The putter is the commonly utilized club in the set, and some say that it in a round of golf, it could be used as much as 40 times.

The pitching wedge can be employed when targeting short shots, as it is capable of generating high levels of spin.

Hybrids are known to speak to the needs of beginners and mid-level players. Usually, golfers prefer fairway woods to hybrids, but that’s not necessarily a good alternative, as fairway woods are generally difficult to master. Also, they require more room to swing compared to hybrids.

Irons are utilized for anything from approach shots to chip shots. Most of the sets we have come across have 7 irons.

Woods are the preferred choice when it comes to hitting long shots. The heads of these clubs are larger compared to the other ones in a set, and that is why they are more forgiving.


How to choose the right club

Buying the right club is perhaps a matter of trial and error unless you are well-aware of what you need. If you want to get the right model, you should consider the shaft, the shaft flex, and the club head size.

Shafts can be made with graphite or steel. Graphite variants are more expensive compared to the steel ones, and they are less durable, as they are very lightweight. They’re the favorite choice for hitting long shots.

Steel shafts are heavier than their graphite counterparts, but they are more durable and somewhat easier to control.

Rookies and amateurs require a lot more flex compared to experienced users.

There are three main sizes of club heads: oversized, midsize, and standard. The first has a large sweet spot but is considerably harder to control. The midsize is the top choice of people who want a large sweet spot but don’t wish to use a heavy club head. Finally, the standard size has a small sweet spot and is somewhat easy to handle.


Golf club sweet spot


Caring for your club

Buying a set is quite an investment, particularly if you want to get one that’s been launched on the market this year. Some can be pretty expensive, which is why users should focus on maintaining them for as long as possible, in terms of performance and looks. Keeping the clubs in a good condition can be achieved with the help of several simple steps.

Keep a towel handy, so that you wipe the club face after every shot. Even the clubs should be cleaned after hitting at a driving range. A towel doesn’t do too much when it comes to cleaning out the grooves, so you should use a tee for this task. Once you’re back at home, rinse the grips with some warm water and mild soap to prevent them from getting greasy.



Prices of club sets can vary depending on many factors, ranging from the manufacturing brand to the materials used in their build. Since the cost is very variable, you should set a budget of what you are willing to spend. Some sets can cost as little as several hundred dollars while others can go up to several thousand dollars. It all depends on what your personal finances can handle and what you expect from the game.

If you are ready to invest in your craft or hobby, it might be worth to spend a higher sum of money. On the other hand, if you’re only beginning, it might be a good idea to buy a basic set that you replace later on, when you’ve learned your preferences and requirements and updated your skill set.



As is the case with any product you might be interested in purchasing, trust your friends, the opinion of a consultant or the one of other buyers. Look for some golf club set reviews in order to know what to expect from a model or another.