For almost a century, many American households have been equipped with the best recliner that offers comfort and relaxation. Putting your feet up after a day of hard work can be a huge relief, and that is what recliners can offer support for. Buying a recliner will not be stressful if the consumer knows exactly what to look for in this type of furniture.



The traditional or standard recliner offers two-position functionality, allowing the user to select between reclined and upright. This type comes with a moveable back that can be pushed to recline. It has a footrest that can be activated to extend via a lever or button on the side. A traditional recliner needs at least three feet of space behind the unit and remains the most popular design for this kind of furniture. Variations include power recliners that plug into an outlet and recline at the touch of a button, and rocker or glider units that offer the gentle movement of a rocking chair. Massage recliners boast mechanical massage features to help relieve aches and pains.

Wide, chair-and-a-half or big man recliners, on the other hand, provide the large size that offers the ultimate in comfort. This style offers a plusher and bigger version of the traditional standard unit.

Wall-saver styles save on space by needing just six inches behind them, perfect for apartment and condo dwellers who also want to enjoy reclining at a number of angles. Many wall-saver recliners also come with a rocker functionality.

Pushback recliners are a new style. It doesn’t need a button or lever. The user simply needs to lean back and put pressure on the back of the recliner, making it a popular seating option for home theater purposes. This type is generally streamlined and seldom plush. A subcategory is the lift chair that features a powered lifting mechanism that raises the chair from the base to provide support when rising from a seated position.




When faced with options on upholstery, consider the durability of the material, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Consumers can select from leather and fabric.

Vinyl may exhibit the look and feel of leather for less, but the material doesn’t offer the pliability and resistance to cracking that thick top grain leather provides.

Synthetic microfiber is a better option, as it is tough against wrinkling and moisture while being characterized by a suede-like texture.

Top grain leather requires a greater amount of care and maintenance compared to other types of material. It offers resilience against fire and comes with a premium texture. The quality may vary, however. Naked or aniline leather is natural-looking. Semi-aniline leather has undergone treatment to render the surface more resistant to stains. The strongest type is pigmented leather, which may have a less desirable texture than aniline. Bonded leather is made using scraps of material instead of whole hides.

Wool is durable and has a premium texture, but doesn’t offer consistent resistance to sunlight with the passage of time.

Acrylic has a wool-like texture and is easy to maintain, but can scar and catch fire easily.



Full Functionality

Top rated recliners, like shoes, should not only look good but be comfortable to use as well. Give the person who will most likely spend the most time in it five minutes or longer to test the comfort level of the chair. It should be perfectly suited to the user’s weight, frame and height.

The footrest should not have maneuverability issues. The headrest should adequately support the head and neck. The back and seat should have no lumpy parts. The cushioning should be sufficient. A foam density rating of 1.9 or higher is ideal to ensure that the recliner can hold its shape for a long time. The user’s legs should be able to touch the floor when the recliner is upright.

upright recliner


Improper alignment or loose parts may be indicated by squeaks during use.

The mechanics of the unit also matter. Users who do not exhibit as much upper body strength as the next person will do well with a button-controlled recliner. A rocker recliner may prove a hazard for pets who could get beneath the moving parts on the bottom, making push-back or standard units a sensible option.

Check out the screws, which should be heavy duty and not plastic or overly small ones.

Make sure that an all-wood frame is exactly that and not ordinary quality pressboard. Hardwood is unbeatable, but the material can jack the price up. Plywood is a decent alternative.

Check out the manufacturer’s warranty , which should span at least three years to be acceptable.



It pays to own the best recliner on the market if one has the budget for it. However, the consumer can still own a premium quality recliner without having to break the bank, as long as they know what aspects to consider. This will ensure a highly sensible purchase for a unit that can be used for years.