If you’ve been tossing and turning about what water flosser you should pick, we’re here to give you a helping hand. With so many alternatives available out there, any consumer can end up feeling baffled. To assist you in making the right call, we have put together a short buying guide. Read as much info as possible before deciding on a model. While you’re at it, try to correlate your requirements with the features you want in a water flosser.

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Water flossers can generally be split up into four main categories. Countertop varieties are bulkier and heavier compared to the other variants, and they depend on electricity. Cordless models are usually battery operated. The neat thing about them is that they are often times small-sized and easy to carry, which is why they’re the favorite alternative of frequent travelers.

Next, there’s the shower flosser, which takes the cake when it comes to economy, as it uses water pressure instead of electricity. The water pressure of this type is less customizable compared to the one of its counterparts, which may be a disadvantage for some people.

Finally, there’s the faucet flosser. As its name suggests, it should be attached to a faucet. This type requires no refills. However, with some models, the user might need to remove it from the faucet in order to use the tap.


Noise level and size

All manufacturers are keen on claiming that their products are the least noisy water flossers in the line. Unfortunately, an electric unit inevitably produces some noise, although it does not even come near to the one made by a kitchen appliance such as a blender. If you are not a big fan of noisy personal care products, just get a shower flosser, as it has no motor to power it.

Size might be a consideration for people with small bathrooms. As previously mentioned, the countertop variant is the largest one money can buy. If space is an issue, choose a shower or faucet alternative, as you won’t be required to place a water tank anywhere on your vanity top.


Consider your needs

Before choosing a unit over another one, you need to analyze what triggered you to start prospecting the market for a water flosser in the first place. Maybe you hate traditional flossing methods. Perhaps you wear braces, or your gums regularly bleed. Whatever the case, you’ll probably benefit from using such a product, as it has been proved to be 51% more effective in reducing gingivitis compared to other flossing approaches.

If you plan on utilizing the same water flosser for the entire family, it might be a good idea to get a countertop one with multiple tips. Furthermore, children might require less pressure than adults do, so look for a model of which the intensity can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences.

As a side note, ask yourself whether or not you’ll feel tempted to take the unit with you when you go out of town. If your job requires you to travel often, you might be in need of a portable water flosser. If you don’t particularly enjoy replacing the water from the tank, you might want a shower or faucet alternative.


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The prices of water flossers can vary from one model to the next. Factors such as the manufacturing brand, the type of the unit, and the country it comes from can impact the price of the device. Start by estimating your needs and preferences and then move on to setting a budget for a new water flosser. This practice will help you make up your mind easier and protect your personal finances.


Warranties and recommendations

Since some models can be quite expensive, you’ll need to know you’ll be paying the right price for the right product. All things considered, make sure to choose a reputable brand over a shady one. It is even better if the manufacturer is offering a money-back guarantee. As a general rule, look for water flossers that are backed by a warranty, be it 1-year or 2-year long.

If you have little to no experience when it comes to buying or using a water flosser, it might be a good idea to talk to an acquaintance who is a little more experienced. You may plan to purchase the model online, but going to a store can sometimes be revealing, as a consultant can help you choose the right variety for what you need. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure to read some consumer reviews. Some of the buyers who have had negative experiences will undoubtedly express their opinion with a rating or review.