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HP M451DN reviews

If you are looking for a new printer, then you may want to check out HP M451DN. This new printer offering from HP will surely not disappoint. It works faster than any printer of its price range, and you can expect no less than high quality colored print outs. In this HP M451DN review, we will talk about all its features and specifications so you can have an idea if this printer suits your personal or business needs. Furthermore, we will also discuss any negative features (if there is any) that you need to consider before buying.  With this, we hope that we can be of reference to you when you start your printer shopping. The HP M451DN is a colored laser printer. If compared to an inkjet when it comes to print outputs, this printer can actually put up a fight. At its price range, it produces extremely good outputs at a faster pace. Texts are dark and crisp, and pictures are printed out with high photo quality. More so, its ink remains to be less expensive than that of most inkjet printers.

The HP M451DN also has an automatic duplexer. This particular feature is well welcomed by many of HP printer users. This is very convenient for people who need to print documents that are required to be duplex. Furthermore, it also saves paper, which is good not only for the environment but also to the pockets of its owners.

As for the design and built of HP M451DN, most people can attest that that this particular printer model has an excellent construction and finish.  In its front, you can unfold a small part of the panel that reveal a 50-sheet multipurpose tray. You can access the paper path and slide-out toner tray by moving the larger part of the front panel. The paper handling features of HP M451DN are 250-sheet bottom main tray and 150-sheet output tray. It also offers an optional bottom mounted 250-sheet paper feeder.

With all these, many HP M451DN customer reports actually proves that this particular printer is a good buy. Majority of the users are very well satisfied and happy with this printer. They find it powerful enough to cater on all their personal and small business needs. It offers more advanced features compared to other printers of its price range. More so, it can print faster and is capable of producing high quality coloured print outs. However, you must also take into consideration its toner costs. Though it is still relatively cheaper than that of inkjets, it is still more expensive than the regular laser inks (which are of the same class). Also, HP M451DN lacks Wi-Fi capabilities. If you are particular about this feature, then you are going to be disappointed with this printer. It would be advisable to look into higher HP printer models.