Highest Rated Fishfinder from Humminbird


1. Humminbird 408120-1 FishfinderBenefits

As stated in the Humminbird 408120-1 fishfinder reviews this device features a 5 inch display screen that is easy to read in any lighting.

You have the advantage of the powerful beam that can track underneath the boat, along with distinguishing between different types of fish.

Often considered the best fishfinder from Humminbird you will love the incredibly fast return rate that ensures you don’t miss the “big one”.

With preloaded maps that include lakes, rivers, and the U.S. coastline this fishfinder is easy to set up and use.



It should be noted that the battery is not included with your purchase, but you can easily find an inexpensive one at a local sporting goods store.


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Benefits Explained

  • This fishfinder features a 5 inch color screen that is easy to read in any lighting. It will clearly display the terrain so you know which rocks and underwater debris to avoid, along with any fish in the vicinity. You will always know what you are casting for, and where to avoid placing your line. The screen can also be split to zoom in on one side, and you will also appreciate the controls that are conveniently placed for easy access.

1. Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder

  • You will appreciate the innovative imaging technology that lets you see every detail underneath your boat. The beam can highlight rocks, pilings, and other obstacles up to 70 feet down, and it can also be divided so you can easily view the fish. This sensitive beam can distinguish between fish and bait, even swimming only a few inches apart. With the advantage of the narrow and wide beams you can easily catch anything you are angling for.


  • Not only is this chartplotter/fishfinder designed to be accurate and easy to use, it also features an incredibly fast return on all of the data. The “real time” window on the display screen automatically updates as the terrain and fish in the beam changes so you are never caught unaware. This device also features enhanced sonar which makes it easy to find the right depth to set your lure.


  • It is designed to be easy to use, which is always an advantage when you are out on the lake. Along with the conveniently placed controls, this device also includes preloaded maps of inland rivers, lakes, and the North American coastline. This makes it easy for you to start plotting a course for your next fishing trip. You also have the advantage of the SD slot so you can add new maps and save favorite courses.


This is often considered the best chartplotter/fishfinder combo, and it’s not hard to see why. Designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use, it is ideal for fishing in fresh or brackish water. The innovative technology lets you clearly see the terrain and fish under the boat, and will even identify fish and bait. While you do have to purchase the battery separately this fishfinder does include plenty of maps, and its affordable price makes it perfect for most anglers and their budgets.


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