Husqvarna RZ5424 customer reports


Husqvarna RZ5424 reviews

Is your lawn in need of mowing? The new Husqvarna RZ5424 may be the lawn mower you need to keep your home looking great no matter what season. Read this Husqvarna RZ5424 review to learn more about its features.

The Husqvarna RZ5424 is a homeowner zero-turn mower package which provides maneuverability, efficiency and convenience. It features a zero-turn mower performance with twin, maintenance-free integrated transmissions, heavy-duty front casters and a rugged tube steel frame. It allows side ejection or optional mulch and collection cabapility with its high performance air induction cutting decks. You can also easily operate the lawn mower with its convenient control placement, foam padded steering levers and an adjustable seat.

What many Husqvarna RZ5424 customer reports like about it is its Air Induction Mowing Technology. It works by drawing air from the top and bottom of the deck to improve grass lift and deliver a superior cut. It also features Maintenance-Free Transmission. It provides you with a worry-free performance with its integrated zero-turn transmissions. The mower also has a water hose connection which facilitates cleaning of the cutting deck. You will simply attach the hose, turn on the water and start the engine to get a cleaner deck. For best results, clean the mower directly after every use. Productivity is also increased with its 9 Bushel Collection System. Its unique design removes or installs parts in just minutes.

Its other features include rugged frame and casters for comfortable operation, adjustable steering levers, convenient control panel for easy-access service points, removable foot pan and hour meter with service minder for easier operation.

Consumers who have purchased the Husqvarna RZ5424 said the mower has exceeded their expectations. It will require a small amount of set up after purchase but you can do this on your own. You can assemble it in about half an hour after reading the manual guide. In fact, you may want to use it right away after setting it up. The mower definitely has amazing power, speed and quality of cutting the grass which is why most consumers are happy with their purchase. Most people use their Husqvarna every one to two weeks depending on the condition of their lawn.

It is a great holiday item to get yourself for the holidays if you are into home equipment. You may want to check out online stores to get a good deal for it. Because the holidays are just around the corner, most online stores will be going on sale and you just might get it at a good price. It will be convenient for you as the product, which can be quite heavy, will be shipped to your home for free or a minimal fee.