Infant Optics 2.4ghz reviews

Infant Optics 2.4ghz customer reports


Infant Optics 2.4ghz reviewsTaking care of a baby is truly heart-warming but sometimes, it takes away your peace of mind. Have that peace of mind you might be longing for with this Infant Optics 2.4ghz Digital Video Baby Monitor. Get more information about this wonderful product with this Infant Optics 2.4 ghz review.

Having a slim design, this baby monitor is quite portable and you can carry it anywhere in the house. The most amazing thing about it is that it gives you a perfect video and audio output all the time allowing you to see and hear your baby even when you are not in the same room.

The Infant Optics video baby monitor can cover up to 800 feet in open areas and 250 feet indoors. This device uses the most advanced digital wireless transmission that is completely static free and offers unparalleled privacy ensuring that the connection is interference free. You can also use your Wi-Fi, mobile telephone and the baby monitor perfectly with no interference from one gadget to the other. The device also has a camera that helps to take photos of your family even as your baby grows.

DXR-5 also features smoothly streaming full-color video at an impressive rate of 30 frames per second.

Using infrared vision, the Infant Optics 2.4GHz digital video baby can monitor your baby at night providing a good vision even when dark. It also offers vivid playback any time. Moreover, it can also save on power consumption by automatically switching off when no noise is sensed for 3 minutes. And when it detects even the slightest noise, it switches on automatically alerting your attention when it is needed.

This baby monitor also features Secure FHSS Data Encryption wherein each camera securely transmits encrypted video and audio data to your monitor unit assuring you that no one else is viewing your video or audio feed. Also, it also ensures that your baby will also have a good night sleep because of its “White Noise Eliminator” module which eliminates any annoying static noise once your child is fast asleep.

The DXR-5 uses a 900mAh Li-on battery which can last very long and can operate with or without its power adapter.

Infant Optics 2.4ghz Digital Video Baby Monitor Specifics and Features

  • 2.4 TFT screen with super sensitive built-in microphone
  • 2.4 GHz static free digital wireless transmission
  • “White Noise Eliminator” module
  • Uses FHSS (Automatic Frequency Hoping System) – jumps between different channels in the 2.4 GHz range which virtually ‘encrypts’ the data
  • 900mAh Li-on battery
  • Automatic IR night vision,A/C Power: 6 V 1 A DC adaptor
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 3 inches ; 1 pound
  • Coverage: up to 800 feet in open areas; 250 feet indoors
  • ASIN: B0052QYLUM
  • Item model number: BBM1


Every customer who tried this has said in the Infant Optics 2.4ghz customer reports that it is definitely the perfect child monitor in the market. It is because of its amazing features that ensure that both the baby and you will have the peace of mind and the good night rest that you long for.