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Ironman Gravity 1000 reviews

The new Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table is a well-designed product that aims to help to have a comfortable experience. It is a great product for people with back problems. Read this Ironman Gravity 1000 review to help you learn more about its design and features.

Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table has been designed to reduce back pain as it helps relieve pressure on vertebrae discs and ligaments. This fitness product reduces stress and fatigue while performing core and training exercises. It also promotes blood circulation to provide relief to stiff muscles. These make it an ideal exercise machine for people with back problems who would like to stay fit or become healthier.

The inversion table is built with tubular steel frame with scratch resistant powder-coated finish. When using the machine, you can easily return to upright position with its extra long safety handles. It also features vinyl covers for added safety as well as nylon backrest for durability and comfort. Its ankle holders have been ergonomically molded for increased comfort and security while using it.

The Ironman Gravity can also be easily stored as it can be easily folded. It would not be a problem for you to get it should you have limited space at home. You can set it up before exercising and fold it after but you can also place it in a particular space if you are planning on using it often and have enough space at home anyway. It is quite heavy though so you might need help in setting it up. It also comes with a manual so you can easily do the setting up on your own.

Many Ironman Gravity 1000 customer reports like its added features such as rubber non-skid floor stabilizers (which prevent movement during inversion) and three adjustments for different starting inversion angles (up to 180 degrees) that can be controlled with the adjustable safety tether strap. The Ironman device also has durable, spring-loaded ankle locking system. It supports weight of up to 300 pounds and height of 6 feet 6 inches. You can adjust it for different heights and weights.

It is a great fitness device to have to get fit in time for the holidays or get back in shape after the food you will be consuming during the holiday season. It is a good idea to check out online stores as there are online stores that might have good deals for it. Many consumers ordered it online which was more convenient as it was shipped to their home for free or a minimal fee depending on the store where you purchased it. It is heavy so you would definitely want to find a deal that includes shipping services.