Duet II PC Speaker reviews


JBL Duet II customer reports Duet II PC Speaker reviewsThe futuristic speaker is in the grasp of your hand. The JBL Duet II speakers offer a cool, futuristic design that should blend with most desktop setups. The audio sounds are also very clear and open. Check this out on this JBL Duet II review.

The users are proud of the JBL’s futuristic designs and one of these is the Duet II. The beauty of desktop speaker sets is that their universal connectivity via a standard 3.5mm plug. It makes them suitable for use with MP3 players and other audio devices. Though it may have too many cords that users might find it annoying, it works and sounds stupendous.

The package contains a pair of drives. It also has a circular base which supports a tapered end that bulges out to form a cylinder. The front of each speaker is wrapped in a silver clothe grille that is emblazoned with the JBL logo and the back is encased in glossy black plastic.

The Duet II is bit large for a desktop unit because it has the base measuring 4 inches in diameter and the mini towers themselves standing 10.5 inches tall. But it is designed to look good next to the computer screen.

Sprouting from the back of the JBL Duet II speakers are a variety of cables. Coming off the left speaker alone, you have three cables: one for power, one to attach to the right speaker, and one for the audio source and the right tower features just one cable to connect it to the left. The audio source cable, which terminates in a silver-plated 3.5mm straight plug, is measured 58 inches.

It has an impressive overall audio quality and the music sounds very clear and open with a good amount of detail coming through. Stereo separation is great and you can place the towers more than 7 feet from one another. When tested on different music genre—alternative rock, techno, down tempo, new wave, hip-hop—sounded quite good, though you notice the relative lack of low-end a bit more with the rap and electronic music.

JBL Duet II Speakers Specifics and Features:

  • Futuristic design
  • Audio source cable
  • Great audio quality
  • mini towers– 10.5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter
  • universal connectivity via a standard 3.5mm plug
  • Left speaker: three cables: one for power, one to attach to the right speaker, and one for the audio source
  • Right speaker: one cable to connect it to the left

According to the JBL Duet II customer reports, though too many cables sometimes annoys the users, the sound is incredible. The customers found this speaker really great for their computer.